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Max Brenner Chocolate Meet

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Tomorrow I will post the last delicious update of the prize pool for the Exquisite Corpses photo comp – keep those entries coming – I’ve received so many cute ones it’ll be hard to choose a winner!

A few days ago the Brisbane Lolitas and I went to Max Brenner which is a specialty chocolate cafe – so delicious!

This is what I wore

Tiara Rose

Too Herp to Derp (Click for bigger)

JSK: Angelic Pretty
Blouse: Bodyline
Socks: BTSSB
Shoes: Bodyline
Bow: Angelic Pretty

To see all the other girls click HERE to see the image gallery!

Lolification and where to draw the line

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This is something a lot of lolita blogs, communities and lolitas themselves debate over. The general conciseness is that there is a time, place and a limit to what you can lolify but when you get right down to it you will usually do as you choose and hopefully not as the group dictates you should.

Lolitas aren’t the only ones who try and put lolita in everything. For example, Metalocalypse stars Dethklok endevour to make everything METAL, Blacker than the blackest black times infinity- and often the results are brutal in a bad way.



DIE FOR DETHKLOK - or attempt to lolify them


Of course Murderface would be ita as all hell. (Excuse my terrible drawing skills, I’ve spent six years in art school progressively getting stupider somehow)

The division is usually over common sense things – a cute casual outfit for a short walk in a park vs forcing OTT decora elements into an outfit intended for a 10k hike, adding ruffles to a plain white work shirt for a casual day/work clothing vs deconstructing a whole starbucks uniform just so it can fit a petti under it.

Lolita is not the only subculture that has to tone it down for work, a lot of my goth, alternative friends leave the 6 inch creepers and corsets out of their office jobs but they’ll wear pentagram cuff links or simply keep their palate to blacks and whites. Office Goth was born out of a need to work to pay for endless gin and tonics, ridiculous shoes and capes – depending on your workplace the rules can be relaxed and you can rock up as OTT as you want to, the Goth in the Office for example is an inverview with the amazingly outfitted Jillian Vetters working at Microsoft.

Most Classic brands have dresses that work well without pettis and with non lolita shoes and accessories – the ultimate challenge is de-lolifying something inherently loli to fit the situation at hand.

Work outfits aside, other things like school work, cars, pets, toilets and what ever can stay still long enough for you to pin a bow on it on the other hand I personally go buy these guidelines.

1. Will this thing be used by anyone but me?
2. Will the loilfication process impede my using of the item?
3.  Will it void a warranty, cause damage or lower the resale value through its lolification?
4. Will it be safe to use after modification?
5. Do I have permission to modify it?

Generally an answer of:

1.  Yes
2.  No
3.  No
4. Yes
5. Yes

- means you can cram as many bows on a thing as it can handle.

Location Shoot Ideas

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Okay haha maybe not! A quick THANK YOU for all the amazing submissions I’ve been getting for the Exquisite Corpses competition, sorry about the lack of updates as real life has been getting in the way – come NEXT Monday there will be another prize update!

When considering a photoshoot as in real estate it’s always a question of location, location, location here’s a list and guide to some cool places to take a photo

Abandoned houses and Ghost Towns

Historians were Baffeled by their choice of Window treatments

Historians were Baffeled by their choice of Window treatments

Nothing gives people the hard core willies quite like places of Human occupation without the human in it. Towns become empty for a number of reasons like economic upheaval and mass outbreaks of disease, there are whole towns around the USA, Australia and Europe that the residents simply walked away from. Houses full of furniture, stores, business places, churches, farms left to the abrasive hand of the elements and nature to gently erase away. Sometimes this occurs when the farm land is too poor, when gold or mineral rushes dry out or when sheer isolation cut people from the outside world, they either leave or die there with no one left behind to manage it. When venturing into this type of Urbex situation always do so safely, watch for nails in the ground, don’t go into places that look like a hard cough could topple them over and beware of nature (Bears, Dogs, Dingoes, Ghosts and The Yetti) because it’s taken permanent residence there. If there has been a chemical/toxic/nuclear spill or meltdown in the area do not go there – unless your with a guide and you happen to be in Chernobyl

The Geiger meter reads "FUN"

The Geiger meter reads "FUN"

These places are fantastic locations for photo shoots because they have a fantastic, otherworldly ambiance just be careful when entering them.


Show us your Bones

Show us your Bones

Always ask the caretakers of any religious space if it’s okay to take photographs and always be respectful of the place (Nun’s aren’t down with BDSM themed shoots in their Abbey – as Z Grade horror films from the 70s had tried to tell me otherwise) you are using and as a rule, stay away from graveyards and necropolises. It is believed that sometimes ghosts can appear in photographs as blurs, bubbles and lights and nothing can ruin a decent shot like a photobombing dead guy. The photo above is of aspects of the Sedlec Ossuary in the Czech Republic, back in plague days they had a lot of dead people and not much else to do and one mad achitect put one and one together to decorate this church with about a zillion bones, skulls, ribs, pelvises and every little piece of the human frame is used to create massive chandeliers and as ornament throughout the building in a horrifying yet elegant pattern in tribute death and eternity. This guy was a mad genius and unfortunatly bleached chicken bones sellotaped to the ceiling is not going to cut it so if your ever in this part of Europe do check it out.

Grand Gardens with a Folly



A Folly is a small, faked piece of architecture placed in a large garden in tribute to a different time to evoke a sense of wonder and surprise. They were placed in areas where one would feel like they are stumbling on a Roman ruin or a tumbled down Gothic Cathedral – there are many such gardens around the world that are open to the public and make for elegant locations for gothic, classic and even sweet themed shoots.

The first Church of Garden Landscaping

The first Church of Garden Landscaping

Hope that inspires you! Keep submitting your entries!!!!

Return! Again!

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A long break that was but I will be back and posting this week! The Australian winter season is starting and all the Brislolis are currently nuzzling together our fuzzy little be-wigged heads trying to keep warm.

Coming up a long review on QutieLand and Rose Melody, Ero Lolita and some fun tutorials!

Last night I split my lip stumbling in the dark so I’m going to have a long nap right now because my face feels like death.

Micro Post: Quiteland Order

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I put in an order for a new JSK and Bonnet from Rose Melody through Quiteland and I eagerly await it! It’s been almost a year since I’ve been able to afford a new dress so I’m quite happy this is coming my way.

Of course I will review the dress and service, overall I’ve heard great things about Rose Melody as a brand.

*fingers crossed*

Store Review: Sportsgirl Australia

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For non American lolitas we sit and envy the cute finds you get when the winds of fashion blow towards a lolita friendly aesthetic at mainstream favourite “Forever 21″.

In Australia we have Sportsgirl. Sportsgirl is not only found in Australia but in Hong Kong, New Zealand and Thailand – thus why they have a Jiten page on Poupee Girl.

The Poupee Girl Jiten Page

Sportsgirl has been around since 1945 as a younger sister store to the very conservative Sportscraft label – aiming at the younger more hip crowd. Sportsgirl was all about the international trends and bringing in local designers when possible – if somethings hot on the runway or all the rage on the London high street Sportsgirl had a version of it.

While I actually don’t like most of the clothing there – I go for two things – Accessories and cosmetics – Because they tend to have a lot of items relative to my tastes. 98% of the time I think their clothing is a little over priced, not my style and often cut in a way that is unflattering on my body shape. That being said one of my favourite locations is the Sportsgirl in Chermside Shopping Center because accessories is in a different store front across the isle and clothing is in the other.

stuff for style

Roses, Pearls and Your Grandaddy's Bling

For the past couple of seasons they have been making a lot of very loli-able jewelery and hair accessories. Most fashion stores here are stocking bows (for hair and as brooches) in various sizes and fabrics/textures perfectly suited for varying lolita styles. Bows are very much en vouge outside of lolita which I for one am happy about because I love bows! They also have been doing a lot of Classic friendly jewelery with pearls, resin roses, charms and antique look findings as well as Goth-y style romantic jewelery. Anecdotal my friend was wearing a very gothic lolita/goth-friendly piece of jewelery from Sportsgirl and when asked at a club where she got it (Sportsgirl) the other person sneered. Sportsgirl is seen the dominion of “normal girls” who like modern graphic prints and the so-hot-its-cold-Hipster-trend-du-jour but hey my friend and I don’t give a crap :D. Their accessories start at $5.95 and never cost anymore than $30, often they have good sales when old lines make way for the new.

Their colours cosmetics range (mainly talking about their nail polishes, glitter and glimmers, eyeshadow/pencils, lipsticks and glosses) is also great because its great quality as far as wear, pigment and price. I cannot vouch for their faux tanning range because I was born toasty brown.

war paint baby

Great quality essentials

Their cosmetics start at $5 and are no more than $20/25.

They do stock some other cool accessories sometimes, I bought a beautiful Bowler hat from Sportsgirl a little while back for $40 and occasionally have cool boots and heels. Go in there for the acessories if nothing else – I know I do!

Clothing 1/10 – Occasionally might find a cool jacket but usually not worth it
Accessories 6/10 for Selection – depending on what’s in – Quality 8/10
Cosmetics 8/10 – good quality that’s bang for the buck
International Shipping? I do believe they do and with the conversion rate from AUD to USD expect to save!
Store: 6.5/10 – I find a lot of mainstream stores intimidating but for the most part the Brisbane based stores I’ve been to have been good and the staff are friendly.

A Lolita Valentine

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A quick shout out to loli_valentines – occasionally we lolitas like to stop with the hair pulling, eye gouging and gangland style executions to give a little love to Lolitas we know and love. The good thing about loli valentines is that it is not limited to valentines, you can send your anon love notes all year round (like a real creeper). And though I’m a little late with this one its a mega word up to the regular Brisbane Albert Street Droogs *gang sign*.


And also to all the babes not pictured here too.

That being said, Valentines is a crock and I’ll still be lonely, horny (+1 sex store frequent buyer card punch hole) and casting voodoo curses on dating sites that yield no (usable) results.

Nothing To Wear

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I have  a lot of clothing and yet I seem to have NOTHING TO WEAR for the next big meet this Saturday. I regret not going to the Valley and checking out the bodyline stall.

For anyone in Brisbane, Queensland – the Fortitude Valley Markets – which are on every weekend (Saturday and half capacity on Sunday) there is a stall selling Bodyline and Fan + Friend. The mark up is low and you can order from them, am kicking myself that I miss going to the markets more often.

Considering my wardrobe, a Kodona style outfit is feasible – though forgoing the traditional hat (unless I can find a decent Topper or the like between now and then) and opt for a rakish up do and consider what would my man!style!idols do? Robert Downey Jr or Johnny Depp? Period set films are great for considering your man!stlye – for both girls in boys style attire, girls in male drag and boys who want to Prince up.

Shoes are an issue as well, they tend to be a little more on the chunky side, though I have seen amazing boystyle outfits with Rockinghorses as well. If that idea falls through I do have my dresses… if I still have the nerve to pull them back on, it is always said that you can wear one outfit many ways but I feel I have exhausted much of my usual options – perhaps some evil rule breaking would need to be done.

It is exhausting on the wallet/sewing machine as having a nice new outfit for every meet up is hardly feasible for some, trying to move past feeling old hat and repetitive in outfit choice and enjoy the time I spend with my friends is a better outlook on the situation.

Stay tuned for more of my unproductive panic!

New People: The Great Lolita Dream Come True

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For years and years and years the greater American population of Lolitas has been lamenting the lack of Japanese Lolita Brand retail in America. Some doubters said it would never happen and even the most hopeful amongst them speculated it would take many years for such an operation to be viable.

Slowly but surely we’ve seen the main three Lolita fashion houses (Metamorphose, Baby, The Stars Shine Bright and Angelic Pretty) open there internet based stores open doors to International customer. Now you can access almost every major Sweet, Classic and Gothic Lolita brand online without having to use a shopping service.

New People is a vibrant new retail center based in San Francisco, California that showcases the most popular products, brands and products from Japan. Two of those retail stores are BTSSB, Black Peace Now (also there is 6%Dokidoki). The opening was quite a sensation, food, promotions, games, live music and a mass gathering of hundreds of Lolitas and Japanese fashion fans converged from all over the United States.

As far as the West Coast is concerned the American Lolita Dream has come true – especially for fans of Baby and BPN – so like their international internet expansion – will this mean Angelic Pretty sets up a rival East Coast store? Will this be like the Rap Battles of the 1990’s with Angelic Pretty being the Notorious B.I.G of this tale and Baby the Tu Pac? Will these ventures last? Obviously these projects were not taken into lightly by the Brands but in wobbly economic times we all clutch our Bunny Bear Bags and keep our fingers crossed that more Lolita brands come to America and maybe even further abroad.

Por Homme: Part Two – What to Look For

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For basic Kodona stlye there are some key basics that you will need to pull this look off starting from the bottom up.

To read the first part of this article click HERE

Boots (knee high, ankle, mid calf) of various styles are appropriate (Preferably lace up, in leather, suede or a matte patent) in black is the most common (though brown can be worn too).
Others: Brogues/Oxfords, riding boots, polished leather school shoes, creepers, wingtips and winklepickers.

The same applies for women but they can also get away with wearing platformed and heeled shoes (men can too, it’s a matter of taste and comfort)

Brands: Dr. Martens, Underground UK, Most Japanese Brand stores (Sizes run small even in men’s shoe) – also inquire at at the mens wear section (formal) of any major department store or mens clothing store.

Do - Invest in a high quality pair as they are versatile and good quality leather will last you for years.

Don’t - Wear construction work shoes such as Blundstones, sports shoes/sneakers/hightops/open footwear/cowboy boots/canvas shoes such as Vans and Converses* (*Though some people do get away with wearing all black Cons – a pair of black lace up leather shoes/boots is the safest option)

Accessories: Spats are popular for Aristocrat and men’s Steampunk as well. Spats are usually canvas or leather covers that go over your boots/shoes.


Bare legs (save for knees) are not often seen in Kodona/Prince/Aristo. Socks or stockings in solid black and white are most versatile, also popular are black and white stripe or coloured stripes in horizontal or vertical stripe. Stockings, both knee high, thigh high and full are good options for girls and also me (just make sure to buy the thick kind because leg hair poking out of socks is not a good look on any one)

Brands: Sock Dreams, Metamorphose, Moi Meme Moitie, Alice and the Pirates, Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Do – Invest in several pairs

Don’t – Buy ribbed / textured / work/heavy duty socks. They must be smooth on the leg.

Accessories: Garters and spats


Traditionally for Kodona they can be around knee length, knickers, jodhpurs, plus fours, and breeches and sometimes shorts. For Aristocrat and Prince you can also wear long slacks. Colours can be basic black though other colours like brown, navy and creams are acceptable and there’s no reason why Kodona cannot be as bright as Lolita, Pastel colours were once a standard in all mens wear in the royal courts of Europe prior to the 1780s. Fabrics include tartans, cottons, polyester, corduroy, tweed and velvets. They can be adorned with buttons and buckles at the knees or have embroidered details.

Brands: Atelier Boz, h.Haoto, Peace Now for Men, Union Jack, Moi Meme Moitie, Alice and the Pirates and Metamorphose.

Do - Make sure they fit well (Japanese mens sizes run very small and some/all brands have pants fitted for women)

Don’t - Wear blue jeans, denims (though sometimes Black jeans can be a comfortable substitute) jeans shorts, cargos, chinos or board shorts.

Accessories: Chains, belts, pocket watches, punk style over skirts, sashes, sword belts.


A basic button can often work just as long as it has a peterpan, pointed, batwing, ruffled or feature collar. Some with high collars can be worn unadorned or with a cravat, jabot or stock. Traditionally either a black or white long sleeved shirt, with ruffled or lace trimmed and often they are cotton and either a little over sized or tailored. For girls you can wear any basic lolita blouse with a long sleeve or detachable sleeve as long as it’s not too “Sweet” or have any ribbon or decoration besides lace/pin tucking/ruffles/frills or embroidery ect

Brands: Atelier Boz, H.Naoto, Black Peace Now (and BPN Mens), Moi Meme Moitie, Metamorphose, Alice and the Pirates and Innocent World

Accessories: Waistcoats and vests

boy oh boy!

Waistcoats/Vests/Jackets/Coats ect
What really finishes off an outfit is a statement making coat or waistcoat. They can be anything from long overcoats in a heavy cotton or medium length frock coats in a rich brocade to a short, military inspired jacket with brass buttons.

Brands: Atelier Boz, h.Haoto, Peace Now for Men, Union Jack, Moi Meme Moitie, Alice and the Pirates and Metamorphose.

Don’t: Wear hoodies, modern military coats, bomber jackets, woolen or fleece jumper/sweaters.

Accessories: Brooches, pins, pocket watches, capes, scarves.


Other Accessories:
Hats: Tricons, top hats, bowlers, boaters
Jewelry: Rings, chains, cufflinks, tie pins, bracelets, piercings
Hair: Can be worn at any length, long hair can be tied back neatly into a bow or let loose on the shoulders, messy pigtails and buns can look cute for girls in kodona too.
Make up: Can optional but if you do like wearing it opt for  light colours like bottle/moss green, greys, silvers, browns, black, dark purple and nudes.

Next article will be about expanding on all the brands mentioned in the past articles, which ship internationally, sizing and options of men as well as western based options, plus size concerns and cheaper alternatives.


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