Doll Part: 1

Welcome to Doll Part.

To firstly explain my choice of username. Doll Part is taken from an old Hole song “Doll Parts” and in part describes my relationship to Elegant Gothic and Lolita fashion. On Livejournal I blog as sweetphaex and am a longtime member of the main egl fashion communties as well as moderator of the Australian Gothic & Lolita community “OZ Lolita“.

I have been involved online in the EGL communties for nearly five years now and have seen them grow as networks, meeting places and online shopping hubs. A lot of work, dedication and love has gone into developing the International Lolita community over the past five years that has seen it become more than just a Japanese Street phenomina.

As an “Ex-Goth” and almost full-time lolita, though not a truly “Lifestyle” lolita, there is nothing more I enjoy than discussing lolita, perhaps almost as much as wearing lolita. Though perhaps that’s a lie, there is NOTHING better for me than wearing Lolita and being Lolita, perhaps I’m more “lifestyle” than I realize!

 Here on this blog you will expect to see:

  • My own thoughts on Lolita, in general and the Day to Day
  • Events that happen in the Greater Lolita Scene
  • Any Lolita Projects such as sewing or modifying projects
  • Any Lolita-able Items I find in local stores

 And hopefully it will be an informative and interesting read for you all as I inted to update as often as I can.


Doll Part.


One Response to “Doll Part: 1”

  1. looking forward to this! Seems like a really good idea. *subscribes*

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