Heart Shaped Box <3

This morning through the oz_lolita community one of the Sydney members posted that Dangerfield had in stock a very sweet heart  shaped bag.

 Heart Shaped bags are highly coveted, recently H&M released a glossy, black PVC heart bag that has been in high demand all over the egl sales communties. The appeal of these bags is most likely in the price since most of the sweet lolita brands have released heart shaped bags and purses such as this Baby, the Stars Shine Bright one going for Y10, 290.

10,290Y according to www.xe.com conversion equals $99USD or $106AUD – the H&M bag retails for about $40 USD and the bag found at Dangerfield is $30 AUD (or about $28 USD).

The differences in price is one thing, quality and choice is another issue. I believe the H&M bag is of a glossier PVC than the BtSSB one and only comes in black. The Dangerfield one I am told comes in black, white and red but of the quality I cannot say, my friend, the Esteemed Miss Helen is offering to purchase one for me.

As far as popular motifs in lolita – mostly Sweet styles – Hearts are extreamly popular and there’s something about these small bags thats inescapeably cutesy and sweet, whereever they originate from. A bag is a woman’s world, or even just a fraction of who you are held in your hand or on your arm. The heart motif, being such a loaded symbol of love and life could not go anymore beautifuly with any lolita co-ordinate! Angelic Pretty, Baby, the Stars Shine Bright and Metamorphose have all carried or carry heart-shaped bags at varying prices and styles and all highly coveted.

Another faecet of it’s appeal appart from being cheap and en vouge in the lolita community is that I’m currently obsessed with anything with a card suit motif. But about that current obsession later.

Doll Part


4 Responses to “Heart Shaped Box <3”

  1. Myself, I’m not very much into any PVC shine on shoes or bags. If they made these from a matte material I’d be buying but for the PVC…. I’ll wait and save methinks. Just my personal preference.

  2. […] Cockaleeky Soup Edition The Darling and Fantastic Miss Helen ran me a shopping service for a heart shaped bag available only at Sydney shop Dangerfield. For a little background I made the glorious mistake of […]

  3. where is H&M? do they have one in Sydney? and is the heart shaped bag out yet in dangerfield in Sydney?

  4. reply me to my email plz :) thx

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