Innocent World: What the Christ is this?

Popular Classic Lolita Brand Innocent World is one of the best Lolita brands on earth (in my humble opinion) – but browsing today I see this headdress

Item in Question

For the most part Headdresses, once a staple of the Lolita style are out of style, but are still seen often on the noggin’s of lolitas who like them. Headbows reign supream as head-adornment of choice whether it be a simple ribbon tied into a bow or a GIANT ‘Head Eater’ bow (Angelic Pretty, I’m lookin’ at you!).

A good headdress should not look like a woman’s sanitry pad but this one, despite it’s brand and quality choice of materials…. just dosen’t look right to me!

I think it’s the gathered lace in the middle. Either way I posted it on WTF_Burando, a community for the horrors and oddities produced by the brand companies and have a slogan I can totally get behind “Because Brand Doesn’t Equal Good Taste“. As far as this IW headdress… I find myself still looking at the thing with my face twisted thinking “This is really ugly” but finding I can’t look away.


2 Responses to “Innocent World: What the Christ is this?”

  1. I agree with you – I usually prefer these sorts of thinner, headband-based headpieces, because they a/ stay on and b/ look less stupid on me than bows or mini-hats. But this one… urgh. Do Not Want.

    BTW, your link on this entry is broken – I’d seen it already on the LJ community, which is how I knew what you were talking about!

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