Brand: The First Time

When you aquire your first brand item there is a thrill about it, a feeling that you’re getting it right, that you own something highly desireable and have made a great investment. Well sometimes at least that’s the case, sometimes it comes to you and you find it doesn’t fit or it doesn’t suit you, nothing to do but sell and or rethink this whole lolita thing.

It’s not cheap by any means though the big Japanese brands do have sales pages with amazing mark downs (I pitty the fool who paid $300 for a dress I bought for $120 on Metamorphoses’ sales page) and the highly coveted Fukubukuro or LUCKY PACK.

For some the Lucky Pack is a cheap way to start a Brand based wardrobe, for some its to add a few new basic items to an existing wardrobe. For more information on Lucky Packs for those wanting to know more I’ll refer you to the EGL communties’ Entry on the topic of Lucky Packs, what they contain, cost and which brands offer them to international customers.

My own first brand items came from a Metamorphose Lucky Pack and in it I got my first One Piece dress, a black x white A-Line dress.

OP – Metamorphose
Bag – Metamorphose
Bloomers – Metamorphose
Hairband – Mombasa
Stockings – Columbine
Shoes – Betts/Stitches

It was a very 70’s Mod style dress as you can see, Metamorphose often take inspiration from styles post the 1930’s than prior to the 1900’s (eg. Angelic Pretty’s Roccoco inspired excessiveness)  and have revisited the 50’s more times than should be let happen. I only wore this dress about two times since it was too hot to wear in the middle of a smoldering Australian summer and I didn’t want it sitting in my wardobe till the feeble Queensland winter came so I sold it not long after.

That was not all I recieved in my Lucky pack. I got two pairs of bloomers, the white, short pair were sold (though now I really need a pair of white bloomers, grr!), a black pair which I still own and wear often and a rose corsage which I lost :(

Since that first LP I haven’t invested in one since but have seen what others have received in the previous years, sometimes it’s a bullet dodged or a missed opportunity.


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