Heart Shaped Box Part 2: Cockaleeky Soup Edition

The Darling and Fantastic Miss Helen ran me a shopping service for a heart shaped bag available only at Sydney shop Dangerfield. For a little background I made the glorious mistake of introducing her to the television series “Jeeves and Wooster” staring Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie, which we constantly quote memorable lines from.

Miss Helen took a train into town along with her bike, a sort of lolita bike courier shopping service – she purchased said heart bag in black for me – and proceeded on home. About four or so stations away from the city she realized she left my bag at the station, at the time distracted by something that triggered her to obsess over one of the silly songs from the Jeeves and Wooster series and Mr. Wooster (Hugh Laurie). Panicking she got off at the next station and caught the next train back.

When she arrived at her original station a cold rush of shock washed over her as she saw that the bag was nowhere to be seen on the platform and that songs about Chicken and Leek soup aren’t going to save her now. Relaxing, taking a more zen approch to the situation she asked the staff-person at the ticket box if anyone had picked up the bag and lo, there it was.

Moments later I recieve a still slightly frantic call from Miss Helen recounting the epic events that went into purchasing my bag. For one I’m simply chuffed to have such awesome friends in Lolita and it makes you wonder how your purchases go on magical mysterious preambulations before they get to you.

One Response to “Heart Shaped Box Part 2: Cockaleeky Soup Edition”

  1. Loves it! And I love you Fapps! I wouldn’t run an errand service for just anyone! The thing I was distracted by was a billboard advertising House! I was like “Awwww, lil Bertie! He does something to cockaleekie that nobody else can doooooo”.
    I felt so dumb but I suppose it’s something that could happen to anyone… right….? I had 3 bags on me! I need a little rear rack for my bike!

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