Site Review:

There are many well established websites that act as primers for people wanting to know more about Lolita fashion, those which I will review later in this blog but I will work with the latest addition to this list:

Created by fellow Australian Lolita and aspiring comic artist Cassandra and a slew of other established lolitas with experience in design, coding and of course a thorough understanding of their content.

The target audience for this site would be best for girls/boys wanting to know the bare essentials that constitute the Lolita Style.

The site includes pages as Anatomy of a Lolita Outfit, A guide helping choose which style would suit you and where to get Lolita clothing from brand to budget. More advanced content on the site is definatly the pages on the largest cultural/society part of Lolita “The Meet Up” also provides ideas on hosting and meet-up etiquette.

It also has a helpful page of frequently asked “Myths” surrounding Lolita – containing the stock standard answer for questions that seemingly get asked repeatedly on the egl community via Livejournal without the collective ire and annoyance of long term members barraged with innane questions.

The Forums are just starting to take shape and look promising! There’s a lot of active discussion and ideas there which is always a good thing!

Overall I give this site a definate 10/10 for:

  • Accuracy
  • Content
  • Format
  • Naviation
  • Design
  • Forums

Two small critique points: There are a few text based formating/coding errors scattered around & Perhaps expanding/illustrating the basic “Dictionary” section


2 Responses to “Site Review:”

  1. I’d welcome a review of my site

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