Heart Shaped Box Part 3: Don’t go breakin’ (in) my Heart

Yesterday my heart bag came in the post (and then so did I – ha ha!) so I decided to review it and one I had brought the previous week from a second hand store.


Brand: ?
Price: $34 (Apparently the reduced price, no idea what it was originally)
Origin: Dangerfield store Sydney
Material: PVC
More: The PVC is good and stiff and it’s all well constructed, the handles can be pressed and it comes with a long strap that adjusts lengths so it’s very versitile. It’s a good size, not to big or small though the shape is a tad awkward when fishing for coins right down to the bottom.
Features: Turns neatly from handbag to shoulder bag which I find really useful!! Zip compartment inside.
Rate: 10/10


Brand: ?
Price: $6 (SCORE!)
Origin: St. Vincent De Paul’s – West End, Brisbane
Material: PVC
More: I saw this out the corner of my eye and BAM next thing I know it the old ladies at St. Vinnies are happily exchanging goods for cash to further ease Human suffering but that would matter not a jot to me – I HAS A NEW BAG FOR CHEAPS! Though it’s rather small it’s big enough for essentials, I think it’s acutally a child’s purse rather than an adult one – vintage children’s bags and luggage is awesome.
Features: Covnerts to shoulder bag, hand bag or back pack 8D DO WANT!
Rate: 10/10 


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