Review: Anna House Fashion

Anna House: Diffuse Pretty Dreams are a Hong Kong based Lolita Fashion brand:

I’ve purchased two blouses and a pair of shoes from Anna House as part of a large group order that also purchased skirts and I have seen in person a few of their dresses.

Example of Anna House’s sweet style dress.

Quality:Most people equate Anna House as almost “brand quality” because of their use of cotton, torchon and other high quality laces and the professional finishing of their garments and design. They have a few dresses that could be called Replicas but for the most part they are original lolita designs.

Style: Sweet (if you like Angelic Pretty and Baby, the Stars Shine Bright) and Classic (if you like Victorian Maiden)

Cost: All prices listed in HONG KONG DOLLARS– Do not be confused by the $700 HKD Price tags;

Eg: Dress A: $550 Hong Kong Dollars = $70 USD / $71 AUD approx

You could order a whole outfit, from dress, petticoats, bloomers, blouse and shoes realistically for around $200 (US/AUD) – thus the popularity of Anna House, it’s affordable and fantastic quality. If you need basics such as blouses and petticoats this is the place to get them for under $40.

Shipping: EMS tracking – Ships Internationally

Payment:Paypal is the most efficient way (Remember to calculate 4% PP fee)

Communication:Prompt, at times broken English but understandable – they announce on their website about any periods of absence/holidays. Website is a mix of both English and Chinese but their English Ordering Page is very helpful and well structured.

Reliability: I have myself conducted a group order (which it pays to do to lower shipping costs) for shoes and clothing from Anna House and I have found them to be prompt, courteous and efficient. I have ordered an out of stock size and they delivered and communicated promptly. However, sometimes in a large order that requests custom sizes (not the standard stock sizes) they occasionally muddle it up but not as often as I’m told Fan + Friend do for custom sizes.

I give Anna House a solid 10/10


5 Responses to “Review: Anna House Fashion”

  1. I totally agree! I am in love with AnnaHouse shoes. They are sweet and cute, comfy, affordable, and look just as good as brand. A+

  2. yourpervert Says:

    I can definitely vouch for the quality of their goods. Though lately they’ve been a bit slow on communication. I sent in an order almost a week ago and no response – whereas when I previously ordered from them they were very swift with responses.

  3. i’ve been eyeing some shoes from anna house for a while, but am afraid to order from them because their english doesnt look all that great, and i’ve never really used paypal before…

    if i order from them will they send me an invoice? and if so do i need to have an actual paypal account to buy from them or can i just enter my credit information?

  4. I’ve fallen in love with there dresses!
    I am so getting one of then for my birthday and its really affordable :3

  5. […] wouldn’t have a clue about their reliability in online sales.  However, Doll Part has done a review on them so you can decide for yourself instead.  […]

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