Metawhorephose: Print Wars.

Love it or hate it – Metamorphose temps de Fille is one of the most popular and easily accessible brands. As of late their prints have been rather ordinary, some rather bland cats (ps. Cats suck, Puppies rule), the clip-art-madness that was Happy Cake and the straight-from-the-nursery Candy House prints.

I myself am not a great fan of prints but that’s slowly changing since Angelic Pretty started putting something in the ground water – I find myself liking their Macaroon Dream print… which is probably why I really like Metamorphose’s “Room” print from their Spring Collection, currently on reservation and me willing to sell my organs to mad science for this jsk.

Shit's fallin' from the roof again! vs My teeth are falling out like macaroons

One criticism might be that Meta’s prints are starting to resemble Angelic Pretty’s -Meta has always been a bit more tongue-in-cheek, playing with punk, gothic and even classic rather than the out right pastel-hell of AP.

That being said, I’m a sad ex-goth (though everything I own is still black and I do loves me some Sisters of Mercy now and then) who has been swayed by the tooth-aching-led-poisoning-induced-lunacy of Sweets style and all the horrors of the rainbow.
Someone on EGL linked to Meta’s blog pages where they are talking about a new floral bouquet which I’m also very excited about. As M’colleague Disa has oft told me, my taste in floral prints reminds her of dowdy old woman’s curtains, and for the most part she’s right – I’m batshit for curtains!

Not a window treatment

Again I am willing to prostitute my organs to unscrupulous medicos to have funds enough for this dress in antique and maybe even pink. I was mightily pissed off when I discovered that you can’t sell your blood for money in this country, I’m full of red gold here, going to waste!

3 Responses to “Metawhorephose: Print Wars.”

  1. Nice writing style. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Chris Moran

  2. I liked the room print because it was graphic and it reminded me of that doll website we so love to frequent. :3 I do agree with Chris though. You’re giving it straight, and it’s just what we need. I’m so sick of sugar-coated blah. So I love you for this.

  3. I missed the reserve for the Boutique Print and the dress I wanted sold out in about five seconds (that one, but the black). Wah! I never buy brand new, but I am willing to empoverish myself for you, Meta, and you Just Won’t Let Me!

    The pink is still available, if you can find a blood buyer. Perhaps the local goth club has a couple of cash-flush vampires kicking about…?

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