Meta, Baby, Angelic Pretty: Who next?

Yesterday’s long awaited Angelic Pretty English web-shop created a lot of buzz for the brand amongst the Western Lolita’s. It’s not the complete shop and you cannot order things from the Japanese site along with ordering from the English, though on the bottom of the front page they say they will list more things later.

Comparatively there are a lot of items for sale on their freshly launched English page than Baby the Stars Shine Bright’s English page though items have been added since. The difference is you can order what’s on the Japanese page as well.

The only brand with a mirror English site is Metamorphose and are one of the first brands to cater to the international market. Prior to Angelic Pretty’s English launch H.Naoto and associated brands launched their English web-shops but with a heavy mark up on all items listed – you could get the same items cheaper through a shopping service – fees and all. Even with the mark up many things sold out on H.Naoto!

International/English language web-shops are defiantly lucrative options as lolita fashion appears in places beyond Japan. Not just online-shopping BTSSB have a boutique in Paris, France and are allegedly opening a boutique in San Fransisco, California.

So who’s going to be next? After years of waiting, wanting and paying through the nose for goods only available in Japan who’s going to follow this trend of international expansionism?

Innocent World could have a huge western market since it lists sizes that would suit western figures. Victorian Maiden/Beth could also be a contender for the more high end and mature “classic” styles.

Whatever be the case, the world just got a lot more frillier and our bank accounts just got a lot emptier!

Edit: Thank you gurololi for the heads up on Moitie

3 Responses to “Meta, Baby, Angelic Pretty: Who next?”

  1. I would vote for Innocent World of course, who could have guessed that? Hehe. I’m not too sure about VM and Beth though. Even though they are more classic their sizes run a bit on the smaller side. And what about MAXCICIMAM:s long proclaimed opening of an English site? Not that MAXCICIMAM is a personal favourite of mine but one would think that after about a year of talk something would actually happen.

  2. This is going to be so bad for my money!;_;

    Anyway, just wanted to say there are no Moitié stores in Paris :X

  3. Like hundreds of others, I jumped onto the Angelic Pretty English store as soon as I heard it was opened. The thing that surprised me was that they haven’t paid for a native speaker to spell-check and correct the engrish on the site….

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