Baby, Show me your UNDIES!

I must say, I’m rather enjoying Baby, the Stars Shine Bright’s “In the Bedroom” line of nightwear and underwear.

Show me yours and I'll show you mine

If anything could foster brand loyalty it’s branding things beyond fashion and accessories, from stationary, night/underwear, bathing suits, housewares and home deco. Deconstructed H.Naoto curtains anyone?

A lolita friend of mine is engaged to get married and I do believe I’ve just found my obligatory and inappropriate Hen’s Night gift to her.

From the Vending Machine, straight to you!!

3 Responses to “Baby, Show me your UNDIES!”

  1. yourpervert Says:

    I would definitely buy Baby’s underwear if they all didn’t have what I call arse-crack peep-holes, or even arse-crack corsetting.

    They all look so adorable from the front… turn around and BAM! Wtf?

  2. That’s indeed a great gift choice. Check out more lingerie items that you might want to give as presents or something for your wardrobe.

  3. "wasting-herself" Says:

    Said friend thinks that Baby probably doesn’t make cute underwear in her size! Despite my protestations last night at dinner, I think it would be a wonderful and delightfully inappropriate hen’s night gift for any lolita! ;D

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