Site Review: Avant Gauche

Avant Gauche is a now well established resource page for all things Elegant Gothic and Lolita. It’s a vital hub for people looking for magazine/Mook, sewing and on-line shopping resources, especially for the multitude of indies brands (independent brands) websites.

One of their most popular features is defiantly the large scans Gallery of the Gothic and Lolita Bibles, Kera Snap and Gosu Rori Sewing Book. The beauty of the GLB gallery is that you can browse by brand – good if you’re looking for a specific Atelier Boz, or any heavily featured Brand,  photo-shoot but can’t for the life of you remember which issue!

Featuring a large section of Street Snaps is also a good way of looking at a lot of interesting co-ordinates on regular people rather than just pristine model shoots from the GLB. In the Gosu Rori gallery it shows what’s inside each issue which is handy if you plan on purchasing it; to know which patterns you’ll need or want.

Avant Gauche is more than just it’s Gallery providing lists of major and minor Gothic Lolita publications along with the publisher and ISBN numbers which makes resourcing magazines/mook at book stores so much easier. Not only the Japanese publications but it has a good stock of English translations, articles in various languages on Lolita and useful primers and guides for those just starting out in sewing.

The Links page is also another hub of information on everything from the major Japanese brand’s websites to where to buy guides as well as large listing of the international Gothic and Lolita communities through LiveJournal. I have their Links page book marked rather than having hundreds of  brand/guides/gallery links clogging up my favourites/bookmarks. 

In short if you need resources for any Lolita based project from sewing to article writing to just looking at pretty pictures I highly recommend Avant Gauche. If I could give any criticism is their choice of fonts is at times rather small and hard to read, especially in the lower navigation pannels but for the most part everything is usefull as hell and thus why this site is a staple reasource.

9.5/10 for

  • Accuracy
  • Content
  • Relevancy
  • Format
  • Design
  • Gallery
  • Advertisements

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