Married in the Morning

Weddings seem to be an on going theme in photo-shoots and lines in Brandlandia – a little while ago Metamorphose challenged all known rules of good taste with a frilly offering from beyond the hell-pit. Some might like it for it’s brashness and others note that Lolita Brand wedding dresses are in fact, cheaper than some (of the higher end) off the rack wedding dresses.

As far as wedding regalia goes I personally think as for fantasy-extravagance the Late Princess Diana has “owned” us all in that respect. It was voluminous but delicate, extravagant but gracefull – it was Pure Princess – something I find a quality missing in modern wedding dresses, save for the crinoline they look like they’re going to a high-school semi-formal.

God what’s wrong with me, I never plan to marry and hope at best to die in a room full of antiques and porn. But I do see myself dragged to many a Wedding of friends who are ready to get their fairy-tale on and as bitter-spinster-friend, I think it my duty to pass commentary on said bond-making.

Pearls on Girls

Which brings me to the latest Wedding dress “Ange de rose blanche” from Juliette et Justine – Classic Lolita brand name taken from the Marquis de Sade’s first two novellas/novels  – offer enough pearls, lace and ribbon to choke a flower-girl with. It confuses me a little because it looks like extremely tarted-up underwear, a chamois dress with a heavily decorated corset and choker. It’s somewhere between farm-girl bride who’s fallen into the Lady of the house’s jewelery and nicked off with her rich Duke fiance (oh Drama!).

I'm marrying you for your money
“I’m marrying you for the money, tee hee!”

It might look better on someone filled with the joy of love rather than being judged by someone foaming with the bile of disillusionment and “Fuck this, let’s get pissed and eat all the deviled eggs, that’ll show ’em!”. But if you have 320 000 Yen and want to look, lets face it, a wee bit tacky – I’ll be at the reception, eating your deviled eggs.


2 Responses to “Married in the Morning”

  1. I saw this posted on egl and went to look at the dress with great interest. I do expect better from JeJ…. really. I like the corset part, I like the details on the arm. But the peasant-style neckline doesn’t gel with the rest of the dress and the skirt would have been far more elegant if styled as a rococo pannier style dress.

    I know that I don’t want the stock-standard dresses that you see on every bride in QLD at the moment. I know I want something tailored in a historical way (either roccoco, victorian or regency). I really haven’t reached a point beyond that…

    As a little girl, I watched the movie “the Slipper and the Rose” over and over ad nauseum. I had always wanted a wedding dress like the dress she wears in the waltz scene. (plug ‘slipper and the rose’ ‘waltz’ into youtube and you’ll see a fuzzy video clip).

    It’s difficult making a choice about it because I need something that will be memorable, be my style but will suit the type of reception I want to have… which, sadly enough for you does not include devilled eggs :P

  2. Not to sound perverted, but I would like to see the dress on a sheila with a more ample bosom(should one fit). I think corsets look silly when they’re not holding anything in or up.
    Also, if you’d like to come to sydney I’ll throw you a tea party and I’ll make you devilled eggs. Marriage is not necessary.

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