Gonged but not Forgotten: Novala Takemoto

Sorry for my absence readers! I have been ill as of late with an on-going and still undiagnosed illness and have been self treating by sitting around the house and watching House MD. High Times with Gregory and Ducklings!

In which brings me to today’s post, to that now most notorious and elusive “Bard” of Lolita – Novala Takemoto. We have seen hide nor hair of him for over a year since his arrest for possession of cannabis and almost a year on I wonder what will become of him.

Will he continue writing in Japan? Will he emerge from prison as Oscar Wilde did with De Profundis in hand? Will he continue in exile in America or Europe? Will his Lolitas be there for him at the end?

Where-ever and when-ever he should emerge whether it be a triumphant comeback (not so likely) or a quiet-revival through the underground arts (likely) his fans, critics and readers will relish having him back.

One Response to “Gonged but not Forgotten: Novala Takemoto”

  1. Mayoini @ LJ Says:

    Actually he has already published many apologies (in his own website: http://www.novala.quilala.jp/index2.html andin the recent Gothic Lolita Bible vol. 28) and confirmed that he will continue writing and a new book should be published soon! He’s also revived his punk band called Drawers and made a couple live concerts. :)
    Feel invited to join a community for fans of Novala here:

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