Baby the Size shine Bright!

Baby have started doing what the western!lolita crowd have been crowing for for the past eight billion years – expanding their size measurments. According to their blog a cherry print sundress will be offered in the following sizes:

バスト:約87cm (Bust: 87 cm)
ウエスト:約67cm (Waist: 67 cm)
着丈:約89cm (Overal length: 89 cm)

バスト:約91cm (Bust: 91 cm)
ウエスト:約71cm (Waist: 71 cm)
着丈:約94cm (Overal length: 94)

バスト:約96cm (Bust: 96 cm)
ウエスト:約76cm (Waist: 76 cm)
着丈:約99cm (Overal Length 99 cm)

See it here via the BTSSB community on LJ

Clarice on this LJ post brought it up – if Baby really want to expand their US/International standing, offering a range of sizes on more than one item would deffinatly gain them standing in the US market. Just imagine if they rolled out this sizing through out even just a quater of their range? Kerching noises, empty pockets and Yen signs appearing in peoples eyes that’s what.

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