Brandwhore Essays: Socks to be You!

In the past I said to myself – Myself, you’re not going to buy $30 brand socks.

Of course, I didn’t listen to myself!

I keep this one in my pants

I only own four pairs of brand socks, one pair were a gift – so it’s approx $50+ on three pairs of socks.  Three from Baby, the stars shine bright/Alice and the Pirates and Innocent World. Quality wise the basic black pair from Baby already have  been darned but all in all they do tend to get the most wear, the striped Alice and the Pirates ones, not worn often but of a slightly higher quality than the basic black ones. A pair of off-white Baby socks which unlike their black counterpart seem to be of better quality, perhaps because I don’t think they’re as cottony as the black ones. The fourth pair is a printed pair from Innocent World which get a lot of wear and are rather good.


Sock it to me!

Before the lefty-commies in the Peoples Republic of Brand-whore-hating who cry “Why would you spend between $20/$35 on a basic pair of $7* white socks with less than $10*’s worth of lace and ribbon?” Expensive socks – printed or basic – are status symbols. Especially if you own a lot of brand or a brand-staple wardrobe. There’s a fun little capitalist-buzzword thing we like to call brand-loyalty – and more often than not, the sock is a corresponding print to a print-dress/skirt. Sometimes they’re no better than regular socks but I’m a firm believer in the eternal motto “Brandwhoring is not a Crime” – I don’t think my purchasing of brand-accessories that I know I have the technical skills to make – I don’t mind buying because I have the disposable income to do so. Is this painfully Yuppie of me? Perhaps, but don’t have the skills to make everything I want, and Lolita is a very money driven fashion built on consumerism. My inner-tree hugger thinks, does his have to be so? Perhaps but tatting your own custom lace, sewing your own clothing and printing your own prints requires effort and time that almost no one has.

There exists a sense of guilt when people question why they/other people are willing to drop $250 on a new dress from a brand store – that money could go to starving people, curing cancer blahblahblah. An age old argument that could have you growing your own vegetables in a field somewhere in Communist China which in it’s extrema can’t be applicable to the hedonistic, materialistic and consumerist nature of Lolita fashion.

Socks are like sex, tonnes of it about but I never seem to get any!

*$17 quote for lace which is about 1.5m of any quality cotton/crochet lace, 2m narrow satin ribbon, $7 for a pair of basic white socks (a two pack even)

2 Responses to “Brandwhore Essays: Socks to be You!”

  1. geektress Says:

    I don’t own any socks yet. They are all so cute, but I just can’t bring myself to buying them! I guess because shipping is so expensive! But I do own a Meta blouse and a Anna House skirt, that’s good enough for me for now until I can buy things from Japan in person!

    I added you to my blogroll too, by the way!

  2. Whenever I feel guilty about spending so much money on an extravagant item of clothing, I remind myself that it’s important to strike a balance between aesthetics (after all, fashion is a form of art!) and avoiding impact on the environment. On the downside, lolita clothing uses a lot of fabric and luxurious materials and is often imported from places across the globe. On the plus side, among western lolitas at least, there is a strong culture of reusing and recycling old clothes, which are of such a good quality that they will last many wears if cared for properly, which is more than can be said for your average trendy piece from Supre.

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