Parasols: Don’t let the sun, shine down on me…

A friend of mine told me how hard it was to find a parasol – shoes, bags and parasols are probably the top three most wanted non-clothing comodity in lolita. A brand parasol ranges between $30 to $60 – which for a decent, non brand umbrella is a reasonable amount – but umberellas are not parasols. Period inspired parasols are closest, usually found via Historical costume recreators but many don’t have the correct bell shape require for a lolita-parasol.

Shady Ladies

I think it’s essential to a loli wardrobe to own one, not only are lolita-parasols gorgeous accessories but the less you expose you skin to harmful UV light the better. Baby, the Stars Shine Bright’s parasols are UV proof so always check for that! Not only is it a weapon against the war on aging/skin cancer – they’re also a weapon in their own right:

3 Responses to “Parasols: Don’t let the sun, shine down on me…”

  1. I agree with the parasol as an necessity. One of the few Asian chains here in Toronto sold at one point parasols/sunbrellas that matched the quality and size of my META one. For only $13 CDN. Unfortunately, they only had a limited amount of colours and no white.

  2. […] Parasols are your friend. I’m sure that Baby the Stars Shine Bright Parasols are UV protective – I think most brand ones are. Boston¬†Umbrellas make gorgeous parasol/umbrellas that are UV protective. Read an earlier article on Parasols and their place in Lolita. […]

  3. I got myself a nice meta one for $40 in total (shipping included!)
    Aaaand it’s water and u.v. ray proof!

    And omg, one of you (the one on the left in the vid) has my dream dress *.* Moitie cathedral dress in blue *.*

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