About A Girl

Sorry I have not been keeping up with the Joneses my readers! I have currently started working and am still in the middle of getting on top of university work. So until I kick off some more essay writing, reviews and articles I thought I’d tell you all a little bit about me! (Just don’t free-game me bro!)

A young blot on the landscape
A Young Blot on the Landscape (JSK- Innocent World)

Contrary to popular belief, just because I’m into lolita doesn’t mean I know about/like  anime and J-rock/Visual  Kei – sure I like some manga/anime every now and then but I just can’t get into J-rock and VK. Musiclly I prefer Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds/Birthday Party/Boys Next Door, Muse, The Sisters of Mercy, Christian Death, Placebo, Simon and Garfunkle, Apocalyptica, one hit onders of the 80’s and 90’s and a guilty-pleasure-spot for My Chemical Romance. As for animated series, the only one I bought for myself and have watched, probably about eleventy billion times is Futurama.

Movie wise I have a soft-spot for Stoner Classics and Indie Sleepers from the 90’s, queer films, Tim Burton’s Ed Wood/Mars Attacks/Edward Scissorhands, Musicals and Rock Operas (or anything with an overblown song and dance number), and the work of Johnny “Not a Hobo” Depp. TV wise I dig British sitcom/period dramas/sketch shows – anything involving Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie (Blackadder, A bit of Fry and Laurie, Jeeves and Wooster) along with their later projects, especially House MD.

Books? I dig me my 17/18th c British Royal Navy epics like Patric O’Brian’s Aubery/Maturin series, C.S. Forester’s Hornblower series, true crime case files, Ben Elton’s earlier books and your ye old classic literature.

How I got into lolita? Hmmn, well, nearly 5 years ago now I felt dissatisfied with “mainstream” gothic style which had turned from the velvet, lace, romantic look to the cyber-industrial look and I was looking for something that was more like the goth style of the early 90’s/late 80s. Poking through the various online forums and then eventually Live Journal I started the decent into madness/journey into Lolita. Slowly and with the gentle mentoring of EGLviaLJ moderator Xelyna (who was at the time, the only other Lolita in the village) who let me dress up in her brand stuffs! XD.

Coming in from Gothlandia for the most part I am a Gothic Lolita/KuroLolita (toxins in the drinking water are pushing me into the sweet-direction).

Paint it Black
Back in Black (JSK – Baby, The Stars Shine Bright)

I believe – that you don’t need brand to be lolita (but hey, it doesn’t hurt ;)) I’ve always bought my own clothes, a billion years in food-services and retail have gone into funding dresses and keeping the Isobe’s chin deep in Yen. If you look hard enough and stick to the rules, it’s easy to make a non-brand lolita outfit, eg:

Lolitab - the B is for Bargin!
Blouse – Highstreet store, $20
Skirt – Second hand store, Free
Pearls – Target, $20
Purse – Highstreet Store $20
Petticoat – Made by a friend, Free
Hairbow – Made by me

In lolita – everything is beautiful to me – you feel beautiful and you realize how beautiful you are. Oscar Wilde was asked once why he thought America/ns were so violent, and he off the cuff said, “Because their wallpaper is so ugly”. If your world is ugly then you become ugly and unhappy, but if you find beauty and make things beautiful then you will reflect it. There’s a lot more to that quote but I’m no where near eloquent to expand on it but it makes a strange sort of sense to me. Beauty for the sake of beauty was a bit part of the Aesthetic movement (in art and design) and if lolita is anything more than beauty for the fun, frilly sake of it then colour me stupid!

Headphones - soo lolo!
Bow – Innocent World / JSK – BTSSB / Blouse – Metamorphose

Slowly, putting together all the opinions, ideas, hints from the other established lolitas I found my own two cents, style and look in lolita. It takes time, money (so much money), creativity and a sympathetic friend to become lolita, to be happy in lolita and to rock lolita harder than your Nana on speed!

Be your own Pet
In the Red x White – Jolene, I’m going to miss you heaps when you go back home.

4 Responses to “About A Girl”

  1. Hello! I’m Stefany, and I am very interested in Gothic Lolita clothing. I’m going to save money and start buying outfits; however, I am concerned about sizing because like you, I’m a busty girl. (sorry I don’t mean to sound weird >.<) so I was wondering about the sizing, how does that work out? Because I thought the Japanese brands were mostly sized for the small-framed Japanese girls, you know. If you could e-mail me with some information about what you know, I would greatly appreciate it. thank you! my e-mail is stefdastar@msn.com

    <3 Stefy

  2. p.s. I love your fashions, they’re so beautiful and elegant!

  3. Wow, hi. I stumbled across your site quite accidentally, but I know you. I’ve seen you in various loli pics and at Supanova and such. I think you would know a lolita named Lia or something similar? She was wearing a black cathedral print dress and a blue+pink tartan one at Supanova. Anyway, hi, my name is Goldie.. I was wearing a rather hastily thrown together shiro Lolita at Supanova, and cosplaying in a kimono a la Kotoko from Chobits on the Saturday.

    Nice to see some Australian lolita publishing. I think I also saw you once at Southbank station, but I wasn’t sure if it was you or not (outside of lolita.)

    I like muse too. They are made of awesome.

  4. Are most of your dress and blouses custom or ready made?

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