Metamorphose: Special Sets

Woah! I have neglected this blog somewhat haven’t I? But Now I have time and things to write about so keep an eyet out for more  very soon!

Last weekend Metamorphose released it’s Marine Stripe Print special set and just yesterday I learnt that I had swagged one! Huzzah! This’ll be the first brand theme print I own!

For those who don’t know metamorphose’s special set is like a lucky pack but unlike a lucky pack you know what you are going to get. They’re usualy a printed set, last time’s was a music note set that included a dress, socks and necklace set. This year’s is choice of a printed pinafore or shirred dress with matching socks – two colour choice, monotone and tri-colour. To get them you have to send an order email the very second the countdown ticker reaches Zero Hour on their website. Here’s this year’s special set offering:

Shirred Monotone (Also avialable in tricolour)

Shirred Monotone Metamorphose

Pinafore Tricolour (Also avialable in monotone)

Tri Colour Marine Stripe Metamorphose

For a closer look check out meta’s page here and when mine gets here I’ll vouge out and review it up close and personal! I for one will invest in more special sets because they’re cheap and there’s no mystery/mysterious and fugly crap as there are in Lucky Packs… though a new pair of bloomers and a basic blouse won’t go far astray :)

One Response to “Metamorphose: Special Sets”

  1. do you know if they release on in the winther of 2008?

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