Nine Inch Fake Nails

I’m not too sure how to feel about mega-heavy-elaboratenails and lolita… one part of me loves them for being so ornate, beautiful and that they work fantastic with the excess of lolita style. A recent trend in decora/”fruits” style excess has really taken off in the sweet/punk lolita look.

The other part of me knows how restrictive those long/ornate nails can be, especially the type with large flowers, linking chains and danging ornaments are. To wear such nails to me harks back to living a passive, domestic lifestyle – you can’t do any work beyond sitting there and looking pretty or you might break a nail – and don’t even think about how slippery typing on a keyboard could be! That being said, I have been working in a cafe till now and I found it hell on my nails and hands so I had taken to wearing fake nails for going out and to protect my nails whilst I worked. They were just plain pink and white French tips that lasted a surprisingly long time too.

Right now I’d found a set of more ornate nails that goes awesomely with my polkadot Metamorphose dress:


But there are defiantly more ornate, heavy and decorated nails available out there and are sought after especially in lolita circles. Recently I found Yuki Umi’s nail photobucket to see what I’m talking about. I think these sorts of fake nails are a great touch to any lolita outfit and I’m getting used to wearing them myself – just don’t be surprised if I’m chatting to you and my words are more miss-spelt than usual :3


One Response to “Nine Inch Fake Nails”

  1. I really liked the whole nail thing too – but after one experience with beautifully ornate detailed nails, I won’t wear fake nails again. Too much of a hassle.

    Instead, I turn to just using my own nails – long but not too long. And using tiny brushes to paint lace on, dots, bows, etc. You can also get nail lace stickers, which are good but annoying to take off. I just bought some 3D acrylic nail stuff, which they use to do the really nice fake nails, but I am only going to use it to make bows I think.

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