M is for Vendetta

There are certain people out there who seem to hate Metamorphose brand clothing. Oft’ known as “The Meta Vendetta”

Fair Enough – there are reasons to dislike Metamorphose’s designs, choice of prints, colour combinations and use of less that quality lace at times. Personally, the same could be said for Baby and Angelic Pretty – Red x Yellow? Horror inducing Orange Tartan, Silver Rick Rack? Brain-melting over use of Diamante? Bows on Bows on even More Bows? Enough said.

There are a lot of things Metamorphose does differently – as I’ve stated before – Meta are a little more tongue in cheek about Lolita and branch out into other styles/eras of fashion history for inspiration. I own quite a few Meta items (special set now sitting at a friends’ sister’s place waiting to be devoured asdfjkl;!!!) and am quite happy with them as far as size, price and quality.

Do you have any Questions about Lolita Fashion? Anything Gnawing at your soul about your Lace? The Frills that Ills and sends a Chill down your bank balance? Ask away and I’ll help you answer said question!

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