The Gospel According to Mary Magdalene

Another Japanese Lolita Brand opens its doors to Western customers – Mary Magdalene

Known for their classic, elegant and delicate “Classic” lolita fashion Mary Magdalene is highly desired amoungst lolita circles – they are as Moi Meme Moitie is to Gothic Lolita – the high end of the Classic Style.

Mary Mary Quite Contrary
I would make a pact with Lucifer to be able to wear this dress…

And like MMM the sizes run small – from the Engrish on their English Order Page, most everything there is one size – Japanese Size 9

“The ninth female size of Japan is made in a small waking up a little.
Moreover, please it doesn’t wear it because of the line it is possible even to wear it by the ninth size.”


I personally, do not have a “Meta Vendetta” I have a Mary Magdalene/Victorian Maiden Vendetta – to me, their dresses are gorgeous and if I could afford it to begin with, I’d buy them at the drop of a hat. Being the gargantuan-fatty-western woman that I am however, I can never wear the things I so desire. Mary Magdalene is dead to me, Classic Lolita begins and ends with Innocent World. But HEY, that’s just my self-loathing-emotional-baggage talking.

It seems now that most of the very closed doors of Japanese Lolita fashion are opening to the world and that’s always a good thing.

4 Responses to “The Gospel According to Mary Magdalene”

  1. I’m really sorry if this comes off as rather weird, because I’ve never talked to you, but I think you’re really beautiful and make a great lolita, whether or not Mary Magdalene fits you.

  2. margaret Says:

    That dress is totally beautiful, (the first one esp.) and it is of a style that would actually make anyone look quite shapely and lovely, no matter the size. I seriously doubt I could ever wear Japanese brand stuff since I am a 12/14 and have a bosom. sigh…

  3. These dresses are really elegant. I prefer the first^^


  4. OH! these dresses took my breath away!!! lovely!!

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