Millefleurs: Garden of the Unknown

Millefleurs is what Shotgun Wedding is to Metamorphose – the lesser known Indies (Independent) brand on the street. Stylistically Millefleurs is closer to Mary Magdalene/Victorian Maiden and that ilk and their sub-brand Mille Noirs is similar to Moi Meme Moitie and Atelier Boz.

Ignore the mildly painful inability to pose or to walk… too much Tyra Banks ladies – not enough Marie Antoinette.

Looking at other runway videos on youtube though, I thought it odd seeing the clothing on Cacausian “Runway” models – most of the advertising/streetsnaps from Japan I see Japanese girls/soft featured Western Girls – and the wide spectrum of Western girls photos online. Of course it looks very different on the runway models by the way it drapes and that dead-eyed look they all adopt, guess am just too used to seeing the clothing on girls who are so ecstatically happy about their latest purchase.

Case in point – Alice and the Pirates:


One Response to “Millefleurs: Garden of the Unknown”

  1. Great to see lolita in cat walks : )

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