Things that Rule

I know a few other people post things they think rock on their journals so I WILL TOO!

Kewpie Mayonnaise
Oh. my. GOD! Seriously. I don’t care if they make it out of PEOPLE this stuff is heavenly, which is probably why all the local Japanese restaurants slather almost everything with it. A little digging deeper and there are Mayonnaise restaurants in Japan!

I’m Pretty sure this stuff is an Early Grave in a soft Squeesey Bottle.

Metamorphose Cameo Hair Combs
Quite possibly my favourite of the two tonnes of lolita accessories and bows that I own. So cute and versatile. I nearly had a conniption when I thought I lost one but thankfully I realized it was just wedged between the back of my neck and my coat. *phew*

Dulce de Leche
A caramel tasting cream made from sweetened¬†milk. Mmmmnnnnnnnn…

So sweet, so smooth, soooo bad for you!

2 Responses to “Things that Rule”

  1. Would love to see you updating more!

  2. I love cameoes ! These hair stuffes are so lovely !^^


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