Job Vacancy: BTSSB

According to the grapevine, Baby, the Stars Shine Bright is planning to open a store in San Fransisco, California, USA in the spring of 09 and are asking for applicants for the position of general manager. This will be the first official store in the USA for Baby who already have a boutique in Paris, France.

No doubt when it does open it will be the North American Lolita’s event of the season and a main port of call for any lolitas in California (I have family there, when I next visit the USA, you betcha I demand we go to Sisco!).  The other night I had a dream that Metamorphose opened a store in Melbourne, Australia (I WISH) but in the future it does seem like a likely hood that other Brands will continue their Western expansion/extension of their brand by means of physical point of sales as well as International online services.

Also in other news this blog has just hit 15, 000 hits :) LOVE YOU!


One Response to “Job Vacancy: BTSSB”

  1. I have had a dream like that too.
    It’s so sad when you wake up and realise it was all a dream.

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