Confidence in Confidence Alone

Inspired by Lolita Charm‘s article on being confident in your skin as a Lolita with a great reference to To Wong Foo (Though the loyalist in me will always love Priscilla: Queen of the Desert more). Lolita Charm is a blog I can’t recommend enough by the by so click and read!!

I got to thinking about this since I started adding a lot more colour to my wardobe, being a bit of a gothtard of the highest order, making the leap into anything that isn’t black is a daunting thing. So having a bit of confidence is always a good thing and one such monolog that I always come back to is Stephen Fry’s “How Lovely I was”.

Stephen Fry is a renowned writer, actor, comedian and before Gordon Ramsey, held the record for saying the word Fuck the most times on British TV. Some may know him from Bones, Blackadder, A Bit of Fry and Laurie, QI and as Oscar Wilde in the film Wilde. And we all know that Oscar was the Original Dandy – what more could a lolita ask for?

The secret to smooth, almost shiny loveliness, of the order which we are discussing in this simple, frank, creamy-soft way doesn’t reside in oils, undulants, balms, ointments, astringments, creams, milks, moisturizers, liniments, lubricants, embracants or bolsoms, to be simply divine for just one noble moment; it resides, and I mean this in a pink, slightly special way, in one’s attitude of mind.

-Stephen Fry

I just felt like posting this monologue because I feel it applies greatly to anyone starting in lolita and also to the seasoned lolita who lets face it, with the drama in this little corrupt oligarchy world of egl can sometimes feel a little less than rosy about the style. Also I find it quite interesting into how queer theory links within Lolita as far as embracing who we are as people, understanding outside perception and communicating within a community. One could say that lolita meets are like Queer Spaces where everyone can relax and be themselves in theory.

So today is also officially the first day I’ve walked around town in a non-goth outfit (Blue skirt, white blouse, socks, shoes) – wish me luck – though I already feel like a lightly perfumed cloud of gorgeousness already :)

3 Responses to “Confidence in Confidence Alone”

  1. Awesome! Go sweet team!

    I love your posts and want to hear more from you!

  2. Victoria Suzanne Says:

    I love it! Moist, fluffy, sticky!

    Thanks for the pimpage by the way ;)

  3. Colour is gooood! I personally love colour too much to go fully goth, however I do agree dark colours are awesome. Queers spaces though… haha.

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