When People Leave Lolita: “Don’t you, forget about me…”

I’ve had Simple Minds stuck in my head since Saturday when a friend and I watched The Breakfast Club. *facepalm* But it fits as far as this entry goes…

When people leave lolita – it happens more often than you think. For some it’s a one night stand, for some it’s a  summer romance, for some it’s the love of their life. A close friend of mine is recently decided over some long thinking and contemplation that she no longer wants to continue and that’s fair enough, she’s getting married and moving house so things like lolita are not the highest of priorities and it’s just not comfortable anymore.

People leave the style for many reasons, financial, life priorities, change of tastes, bad experiences, it’s no longer fun or just feeling uncomfortable. If you’re only into it for a while, hopefully you have fun while you do it but if you find something else to devote that same sort of attention that you find more fulfilling than go for it! Don’t let some arbitrary and at times seemingly insane rules dictate who you are forever and you’ll find you’ll enjoy life more that way.

Remember, you leave lolita, not friends

One Response to “When People Leave Lolita: “Don’t you, forget about me…””

  1. Well said, hon.

    I’m having such a hard time getting around to selling my dresses. Two I’ve already sold but others, just looking at the printed fabric is enough to make me exclaim “how can I sell you, you beautiful, beautiful dress!?”.

    You’d know what trials we go through to get brand dresses in Australia and getting ones hands on a ‘dream dress’ is even more trouble and cash. Parting with them after all that effort and after forming fond attachment to what should be simple garments but aren’t because they feel like so much more… (dreams? beauty? identity? yearning sometimes bordering on lust?) is difficult to say the least.

    I am sorry I’ve been very absent recently. I’ve been sewing like mad (the results of which you’ve already seen in my journal) and STILL don’t have the internet at home. At least work time is now quiet enough that I can steal some time to catch up with things.

    I’ve been watching your journal entries about your Lolita Purgatory. I can understand your frustrations but I have to say that I can’t imagine you as anything BUT a lolita. It seems like your lifeblood and the style suits you like you were born to wear it. It’s your kung-fu.

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