My Sweetopia: Cafe Review

A long time fan of the restaurant strip on Grey Street, Little Stanley Street and Southbank Park lands (Honestly, only one good restaurant there and that’s Chez Laila – the most delicious Lebanese food!) – which has no shortage of cafes. Good Coffee, especially to those who attend the College of Art, is lifeblood and even our lazy arses are compelled to walk a little further down the road for a good cup of coffee and decent food.

You can’t swing a dead cat around without hitting a coffee shop in this area but I was more than pleasantly surprised that a new one had opened down the road which specialized in the most gorgeous cupcakes I’ve ever seen!

My Sweetopia:
As a cafe, they also operate as a gift store. Beautifully decorated cupcakes, chocolates, macaroons and cookies and luxury goods presented as gift hampers, but for the sake of this review I will talk about my experience with them as a cafe.

Store:Decorated in soft pastels but without being too cutesy.
Coffee:I ordered a cappachino and it was perfectly made, I’ve worked as a coffee barista before so I appreciate how well made (not burnt, milk frothed and poured properly) the coffee is and was presented.
Cupcake:I ordered a Lemon cupcake which was a tasty, light and crumbly cupcake with a swirl of lemon cream. I could taste the little flecks of lemon zest that just melted on the tongue along with the  little silver dragees topped with a little swirl of meringue.
Presentation:On a white plate dusted decoratively with coccoa powder and serviette, folded squarely and neatly next to it with the fork.
Price: $6 for an instore, sit down coffee and a delicious cupcake of a good size. Cucakes range from $3/$4 and macroons for a little over $2.

Vedict: You bet I’m heading back to this place! Will try and provide pictures next time 10/10.

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