Lolita Purgatory

Please excuse my absence. I have been in a very bad place, mentally and spiritually for a while now and one of the latest victims/causes of my anxiety and general bad mood has been Lolita.

When you feel like you’re floating in between places in life, with lolita I’m currently in a place where it’s out of my affordability (due to the economic climate and a weak AUD against the YEN) and agonizing over the fact that 98% of everything worth having will never fit me.

I should blame the homogenized, one-size nature of Japanese clothing in general instead of myself for being an average sized, through rather busty Western woman. *rests head on keyboard* Being large breasted in general is pain in the arse but when it comes to lolita clothing (as far as brand clothing goes) it’s a real limiter to what you can buy.

My next entry will be on being busty and wearing lolita and how it affects me – though right now am going to cry and hug my dog for a while.

3 Responses to “Lolita Purgatory”

  1. Aww, I hope you will feel better soon!

  2. Victoria Suzanne Says:

    I’ve been in these places too and it’s hard. Just try to remember what you first loved about Lolita, and focus on the art and writing and culture of it rather than just the clothes. It helps.

  3. That’s a real shame. Lolita shouldn’t do that to people. “Fashion can be chains, or wings” as in the GLB some time ago. No tears!

    I understand you though, I’m in the exact same predicament as you. My alternative is sewing my own, and pining over the Rococo Komono JSK I’ll never have. Worse part for me is that I’m actually asian and don’t fit asian clothes, har har.

    I don’t want to give up lolita, and you shouldn’t either.

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