Fresh Meat: Say Hello to Umi

Greetings – Umi here. Doll Part was kind enough to invite me to contribute to her blog, so hopefully you will be hearing more and more from me in the future. I first discovered Doll Part about a month ago, but I’ve throughly enjoyed every single post and my hope is to continue in that tradition.
By way of introduction, I’m a part-time musician based out of San Francisco in the United States where the weather is ideal for Spring and Fall-like lolita fashion all year round. I don’t recall exactly when I was first learned about lolita fashion, but it was sometime 4-5 years ago as I recall signing up for Livejournal immediately joining the main EGL community then – I blog as moriyama_umi if you want to look me up. I consider myself to be an all-around lolita and play around with different styles all the time, however I do find myself gravitating toward sweet, punk and casual most of the time.
In addition to adoring lolita, my broader interest in fashion in general means I always have one eye on tracking trends and I’ve definitely seen a few come and go in the international lolita community over the years. I have to admit, the fashion is what excites me the most about lolita. It seems a funny thing to say about something that started as a fashion, but to me, it’s not just the fact that someone has an amazing jumperskirt, but how they wear it and what they wear it with that transforms them from the person they are to that person that is totally rocking that outfit. And while I could nerd out about fashion forever, I have interests that run the gamut and I look forward to writing about those as well within the context of lolita.
Until next time!
This is a pic of Umi, for just incase we have to dredge the river for the body if the manhunt doesn’t turn out fruitful ;) Isn’t she adorable?
And now Doll Part (uh… me)
Well it’s been a hairy few months form me but I do really want to do some more work on this blog as I try to get back onto the lolita horse. And by horse I mean 3-headed-hydra-beast that’s coming to devour my pets and contest my way of life.
One of our upcoming articles will be on the current financial crisis and how it’s affectiong Lolita shopping trends (promises that won’t be as boring as it sounds) and some insight on my past two months of being anxiety-crippled shut in and how Lolita made me feel like an ugly person on the inside. SPINE TINGLIN’ STUFF here folks.
Thanks for putting up with the BS ;)

2 Responses to “Fresh Meat: Say Hello to Umi”

  1. I’m looking forward to it – both Umi and Doll Part’s posts. I personally find the financial crisis scintillating… as long as it’s related to lolita, as I was wondering about this myself.

  2. Actually, that post about the exchange rate and lolita shopping trends sounds fascinating! I can’t wait to read it (so you’d better get on writing it, nudge nudge).

    Hope you are feeling better!

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