One Day in Paradise: Store Review

Woah, I have been crazy-negligent here haven’t I? Let’s blame Batman and the now empty bottle of Frangelico for that and start a new year’s worth of posting!

I recently went on a trip to Melbourne,Victoria to do a bit of shopping and sight seeing. Firstly, Melbourne is an amazing city for coffee culture, retail and art. The people are friendly and the weather is pleasant (especially if you’ve been sitting in about 80% humidity for the past few months like I have).

Click here to see my photographs of Melbourne City!

Recently opened online and as a retail store “One Day in Paradise” ( is the only lolita store in Australia that offers quality clothing and accessories. The other places in Melbourne and Sydney such as Shibuya’s dresses are over-priced, too short and covered in ugly, scratchy lace. A discerning lolita should avoid!

One Day in Paradise stocks Anna House, Alice Kingdom, Infanta, Kira Kira NY, Lolita Lola and as well as stocking fare from local designers for which they are always on the look out for. They will hopefully be adding some Japanese Brand to their stock soon.

For their On-line presence their shipping, inquiries and advice is timely and useful and are slowly adding stock. In their store, which is actually the front room of the owner’s home, is an inviting and comfortable place, stocking a range of sizes and a few items not yet on their online store.

 While I was there I was able to purchase two Anna House blouse, a pair of teaparty-style black shoes and a bag. Eftpos is Available at the store.

Poupee Links to Items I purchased:
Blouse Long Sleeved:
Blouse Short:

One Day in Paradise will have a stall at this year’s Supanova Pop Culture Convention in both Melbourne and Brisbane so look out for them!

Location: 5/10 – Hard to find unless you know someone who’s been there before (or are  not a dimwit like I and can read a map)
Store: 8/10 – A comfortable space
Service: 10/10
Stock: 9/10
Price: 9/10


4 Responses to “One Day in Paradise: Store Review”

  1. Oh this shop is fantastic! and ship to everywhere! Thanks four your post ^^

  2. Chamii-chan~ Says:

    I really wanna go to this place but I cant find the address to it anywhere! As in like, the Street and Street Number and everything. Its not on the website (where my blind eyes can find) so I would appreciate it if someone would tell me WHERE it is! Shibuya costs too much T-T

    • lolaluvslolita Says:

      its at melbourne, fitzroy, 248 johnston street

      open friday 11am to 7pm
      and saturday 11am to 6pm
      apparently, they’re the only time open.

      the shop is located inside another shop called visage ‘n’ vice boutique.

      how do i know? i went there ^.^

  3. I found these guys at Manifest this year. They didn’t have anything of what I wanted left, but were happy to hold it for me, so I went in the next day and got it. A bit of hassle finding the place, but SO worth it! Staff and price are great and the place just seems really friendly and inviting :3 I just refound the website and am in serious awe and am rather sad I don’t have more money!! haha

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