Things that Rule Part 3: Live Free! Or Don’t!

Another useless Favourite Things Post :D Muahaha

The Presets
Electro Dance Gods are so Lolita. Seriously. Why these guys arn’t huge outside Australia I don’t know. They’re like Electro’s answer to Kanye West, danceable and addictive tracks that transcend dance floors from the Hard Core techno/electro to the Goth Club’s smokey gloom to the Pop Club’s sezsuire light show. You’d have to be living under a rock and be suffering from  a terminal case of profoundius uncoolamydosis to not think My People is one of the best songs of 08.

I wrote a Haiku about Batman and Lolita:

what would batman do?
he would make own kevlar dress
that shoots bats from sleeve

Thanks Faith, Leah and Cheri (and Goldie for the image credit)


One Response to “Things that Rule Part 3: Live Free! Or Don’t!”

  1. I love the Presets! I believe they do pretty darn well over in the UK as well!

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