Dehydration is So Not Elegant: Lolita and the Australian Climate

In the Spirit of Australia Day (oh, also Happy Year of the OX!) I’m going to bitch about how frackin’ hot it is right now and how two tonnes of petticoat and socks ain’t a bright idea.

Even in a co-ord of minimal of items – Lolita style is a lot of clothing to wear – especially when everyone around you is lying on the ground gasping for air like someones tipped a fish bowl on the ground just to watch something die. Die in tiny cotton short shorts and cropped singlet tops while you’re still waltzing around in about three dead petticoats you’ve amalgamated into one huge one. 

What does help is going Blouse less under a JSK. My tips on the type of dresses that can be worn without a blouse and not look awkward are:

1. Halternecks
Some of Baby and AP’s dresses you can convert to Halterneck straps as well as regular straps.
2. Thin Straps
Anything wider than two inches can look a little odd without a blouse
3. Strapless
These don’t occur often, usually co-ording around a GyaruLoli style with this sort of dress works well.

Make sure to slap on plenty of sunscreen on your arms, shoulders and legs!

Light Fabrics! New Petticoats! Bloomers Yay or Nay?
Some dresses are heavy cottons, velvets and the like which are best avoided.

If you’ve got a new petti, just wear the one. A new petti usually has enough pouf for the right shape to give your skirts and is a lot less layers of fabric you have to worry about.

Some people don’t wear Bloomers either. It’s a personal choice, some days I do, some days I don’t. I don’t when it’s hot. One less layer of clothing to worry about!

Parasols are your friend.
I’m sure that Baby the Stars Shine Bright Parasols are UV protective – I think most brand ones are. Boston Umbrellas make gorgeous parasol/umbrellas that are UV protective. Read an earlier article on Parasols and their place in Lolita.

The problem with brand Parasols is that online they sell out very quickly.

Aka I’m Thirsty and oh hello pavement. I see you’ve made short sharp contact with my forehead. Blood in my hairbow now.

I’ve realized I end up really dehydrated on my way to meeting people/walking around town. Stopping for water is alwayswise. Put a small bottle of water in the fridge before a day out to have ready in the morning when you leave.  A cute way of keeping your drinks cool is either investing in a cute small thermos or using one of those seemingly useless hand towels Metamorphose puts out every now and then to wrap around your bottle. This also keeps condensation from making your bag contents moist.

Note: Apparently, they put out those hand towels because at some places in Japan there are no paper towels/hand driers so most people BYO their own towels – usually I think this is just a school thing.

Iced teas are good as well as Flavoured waters and the ever popular Pearl Milk Tea drinks. There seems to be an Easy Way on every street in my city, as well as a lot of independentPearl Tea places. My poison of choice from Sleasy Way is either the Mixed Melon Blended Ice or the Black Tea Blueberry Relish Tea.

Bare Legs! Oh how scandalous!
Yes! Go Sock less! This looks cute with sweets/casual sweets/country styles and not so much/at all with other styles.

Shoe Options range from
Pump Heels
Ballet Flats
Sandals (Baby, Metamorphose and AP have put out some cute open footwear in the past, especially around Spring/Summer lines)

And say NO NO NO to
Flip Flops/Thongs (Yeah, we call ’em Thongs down here)

Hats are awesome and they keep your necks, ears and faces out of harms way. Wide brimmed straw hats are a favourite with the country lolita look. You can also find cute Felt hats in almost any colour for casual/sweet outfits. Hand fans are also elegant and useful. The more ornate ones should be kept for photo-shoots – having a small paper/fabric one on hand is often more practical and they cost next to nothing.

So apart from moving to a Glacier and Marrying a Penguin you couldn’t be any cooler! So remember:

Decrease the layers – Know which sort of dress you can wear without blouses – keep the fluids up and stay out of the sun. These are also pretty general points that apply to any summer season around the world.

Happy Australia Day and Chinese New Year!!


2 Responses to “Dehydration is So Not Elegant: Lolita and the Australian Climate”

  1. I wish I had to worry about this right now!! I’m currently rejoicing if it’s above freezing – damn you Northern Hemisphere! But I’ll definitely check back once we’re finally allowed to have summer up here. Great tips, and I second staying hydrated- I recommend floating mint sprigs or orange slices in your water to flavor it if you usually opt for juice instead. Good luck braving the heat!

  2. Damn you, I want my summer back. ;w;

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