Lolita and Recession: Part 2 “Electric Boogaloo”

So here is the second part of this article:

4) Get crafty – If you know how to craft or sew, or are willing to learn, now is a good time to do-it-yourself. You can make your own dresses or accessories to stock your closet with or specialize in something like jewlery and trade services with a friend that’s an expert seamstress. Just because it’s handmade, doesn’t mean it has to look homemade – with some practice and careful selection of materials and tools, everyone can make some lovely couture looking items.
5) Thrifting, OR Doll Part is a Lucky S.O.B.
– Thrifting is part luck and part location, location, location. Thrift Stores, Op Shops and Charity stores can be found in major city centers and suburbs. Suburban thrift stores are usually the best places for selection and price. In the cities, thrift stores are often more boutique and sometimes specialize in designer lables. I’ve found several YSL, Channel, Dior, Versace and Calvin Klein vintage pieces of the years for less than $50. The more bohemain or ‘older’ suburbs are your best bet for intresting pieces. As far as lolita items, or items you think could work as Lolita,- it’s best to stick to these guidelines.
a. Make sure it fits properly or can be modified to fit; if not, put it back.
b. Make sure it fits the lolita aesthetic. Pay special attention to the collar shape, sleeve style, lace and other accents on blouses. For dresses and skirts, take care in evaluating the shape, length, lace and other decorations and make sure a petticoat can fit underneath it.
 c. Make sure there are elements on the item that can be modified within reason to make it more lolita.
6) Sell, baby, sell – Let’s say you’ve decided to ignore the “sage” advice above or have already had the misfortune of coming upon hard times. Please do remember, that no piece of clothing is more important than making sure you and your loved ones get life’s necessities such as food and shelter. Quality items that have been well taken care of, particularly if they’re from a Japanese brand, have a pretty good resell value. Chances are someone else is looking for an item just like it and is willing to take it off your hands. But, some important things to keep in mind, don’t expect a patsy to take an undesirable item off your hands. Don’t price gauge – while you may need the money to put food in your mouth, potential buyers only care about getting an item they want with as good a value as possible. If you set the price too high, it’ll never sell, even if it’s rare. A quick guideline about reselling in general – most items lose half their value after they’ve been used or worn.

Article by Umi  + Fappy/DollPart

Watch out for another article coming from Umi soon :D


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