Poupee Girl: Valentines Day Event

My addiction to Pouppe Girl started when my darling Jolene got me to join up some time last year. I stopped then started again in earnest and have been using it non-stop since.

Poupee Girl is an avatar game where the point of it is to upload fashion items you own and can wear (clothing, shoes, handbags, cosmetics,  jewelery, sundries) to the site which then gives you “ribbons” and a dress up item for your avatar. You can use the Ribbons to buy more items for your doll in two places – The Furima/Flea market which is where people sell items that they’ve gotten from uploading – and Katherine’s Shop.

Katherine’s Shop (run by the Blonde Olagarch Herself “K/Catherine” – High Empress of PoupeeLand) has seasonal events and offer highly desirable clothing items. New Years and Spring in Japan means beautiful Yukatas, Kimonos, Obis and silk flowers for your avatar’s hair. Western Holidays are also celebrated such as Halloween, Christmas and Valentines Day.

Click Here to Visit the Catherine’s Shop Archive for Last Year’s Valentines Day Offerings

Valentine’s Day last year was an all Lolita themed items event and given the amount of Lolitas who use Poupee Girl it’s a major event in the Poupee Girl calender. Desirability rises with dresses inspired by popular BTSSB prints and Angelic Pretty designs. This year’s offerigns was influenced by BTSSB and Metamorphose as well as a few original designs from Katherine. Opinion is mixed if divided over this year’s Lolita offerings especially when it comes to length.

NB: Some items in these co-ords are from other events, Halloween, Spring, Christmas, Rainy Day, Rose Life and Enchanted

I personally think it doesn’t matter about the uber shortness of the lengths since our Dolls are idealized stick figures with huge bobble heads that you can live vicariously through. I don’t know about you but my doll gets to wear the sorts of dresses that would look awful on me, like loose shifts, sheath and empire waisted dresses. The Pastel polka-dot items might be ridiculously short but the Sweets/Rose Print jsks and the classical OPs are simply to die for and the puff sleeved blouses are ideal for any cute co-ordinate. Though looking at last years’ there was more selection in colours, prints and dress styles.

Click Here to See all of this Year’s Valentines’ Day Offerings

The next event coming will be hopefully a 2nd Anniversary event, last year’s 1st was also a very lolita themed affair so hopefully there will be more frills for your avatars coming very soon.

If you have an account or are just converted to the way of the Ribbon please feel free to ADD ME AS A FRIEND :D

Also Check out Lolita Charm’s Entry on Poupee Girl for further reading ;)


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