Picking up the Ball (Again)

Yet again I have neglected this blog :X WOOPS I know, I know, I suck.

When it comes to Lolita it’s this great sweeping self-destructive love afair ala Wuthering Heights. I love it and yet at the same time nothing seems to make me feel like my soul’s falling away like hunks of wet cake.

Cake’s loli – right?

It’s hard to explain really, my attitudes and emotions when it comes to lolita are somewhat rooted in my insecurities and sense of self worth at times. It seems so stupid to weigh those things against a fashion but I’ve been into this so long, so deeply entrenched (like a tick) into the loli world that it is a big enough deal to warrent the angst.

So I’m going to pull the finger out and attempt WEEKLY updates – no matter how silly they might be.

Thanks for your patience

5 Responses to “Picking up the Ball (Again)”

  1. Victoria Suzanne Says:

    glad to see you’re back :D

  2. Welcome back! No-one is counting so just enjoy it!

  3. “like a tick”
    I know exactly what you mean, and sometimes when you manage to pull your head out of the Loli world you realize that there’s not much else in you other than frilly clothes. I’ve been in the real world far too long I miss my frills.

  4. wazzra Says:

    me too!

  5. Bakames Says:

    I was just showing my boyfriend this and he brought up the idea that some men find it attractive in a ‘girl who wears dresses and puts effort into her looks’ kind of way, like a 70’s housewife. That gives me a bit of hope that not every lolistalker has pedophilic ideas.

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