Diva: Store Review

Australian Lolitas would all probably be familiar with accessory chain stores such as Diva (amongst others like Equip) – which I’m told are a little like Claires. Diva sell mainly jewelery and hair accessories and prices start between $4.99 AUD to under $40 AUD and often have buy one get one free sales on items like rings and bangles.

Adorable doughnut bracelet goes perfect with any sweets outfit!

Diva changes their product lines every 2 weeks and have seasonal “ranges” that cater to different styles from modern silver lines to clunky wooden bead boho styles.

What Diva offers for the the lolita on a budget is an amazing range of insanely cute jewelery and basic hair bows that would suit both classic and sweet lolitas. Their ranges change quite often, along with the names but lines like “Tammy Girl”, “Gothic Romance”, “Sugar Pop” and “Diamonds and Pearls” have items that would go perfectly with sweet, punk and classic co-ordinates!

Pro-tip: Being the nature of cheap costume jewelery be ware that at times diamonties fall out and silver coats wear off and leave copper stains. The trick to keeping the copper stains from rings from happening is to use a little clear nail polish / top coat and seal the rings.

As with any costume jewelery, you will loose earrings, bits and beads from necklaces fall off or break, charm bracelets loose charms – what I recommend is not throwing these things away and remaking them into other things. Have a few necklace charms without a chain or single earrings? Attach them to a charm bracelet or find a ring base and hot glue them onto that. It’s amazing what you can do by recycling a few old charms and jump rings.

In short – Diva is a great place for cheap and totally lolita friendly bling – check their website http://www.diva.com.au for store locations around Australia.

3 Responses to “Diva: Store Review”

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  2. Seamstress Says:

    Haha I hadn’t seen your review, but I went into Diva and bought this bracelet and matching necklace a week or so ago :D Diva and Equip often have totally perfect lolita jewellery, so I don’t feel deprived that I am not in America or Japan with their cute accessory store chains.

    The nice thing about Diva and Equip is that they are in New Zealand too :)

    I bought rainbow earrings from one of their stores and unfortunately lost one while out for the day, but luckily the were still in stock and I bought another set. Now I have an extra hook earring that I can make into a different accessory sometime :) I also now wear those little plastic bits on the ends of my hook earrings to prevent future loss.

    I really love Diva. And Equip are basically the same store.

    Look how cute the ice-cream necklaces are that I got from Equip:
    I have since removed the Best Friends tags with a pair of pliers and given them to a jewellery making friend as supplies.

    Thanks to those two stores that only recently opened in my country, I have a really cute sweet lolita jewellery collection :)

  3. i bought my charm bracelets online and there are many products to choose from. some are very nice looking ;;,

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