Micro Post: Layers Layers Layers

What I’ve seen some of my local lolitas to to bolster the amount of pouf under jsks/ops is wear their regular petticoats as well as another skirt on top of that. I remember someone fixing their petticoats and noting that they had Angelic Pretty’s Mermaid Symphony print skirt under their dress because their petticoats weren’t giving enough poof or/and they wanted an exaggerated amount of pouf. I’ve taken to doing this myself as well with an old skirt that’ seen better days and if you don’t mind the extra weight and size then this is a neat idea for the pouf hungry loli.

One Response to “Micro Post: Layers Layers Layers”

  1. Haha my petticoat has been on the way to death recently, so thank god for my shorter skirts with inbuilt pettis that I can chuck under other skirts! I’ve commissioned a new petticoat, but this trick will do until that the new one gets done.

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