Micro Post: Boots

Never under-estimate the power of a good pair of lace up black knee high boots. As long as they’re round toed it doesn’t matter if they’re platformed or heeled, they look awesome with most gothic lolita, Elegant Gothic Aristocrat punk lolita, Pirate Lolita/sailor, some classic and steampunk lolita and occasionally sweets outfits. Also they also work with anyone’s goth and punk out-of-lolita outfits and as far as the mainstream winter boot trend (Australia) they are VERY in right now.

They’re the LBD (Little Black Dress) of the alternative fashion world.

4 Responses to “Micro Post: Boots”

  1. Agreed! I have a pair of brown ones that I adore for classic.

  2. I totally agree and having been craving a pair lately.. (but preferably in white)
    perhaps enlighten a newbie like me by putting in your post a few good places to buy some good boots..? :D

  3. I have a pair of black-and-white mary janes that i wear with my lolita attire, and a pair of black army boots that i wear with gothic (-lolita) or punkish styles… I’m thinking of picking up some small lace-up boots-pumps like these (http://media.photobucket.com/image/two%20-toned%20lace%20up%20boots%20heel/rockthetrend/laceuphighheelGUC.jpg), but preferably with a lower heel, to wear with my expanding collection of steampunk clothes.
    Ow, and Natari, what country are you in? Perhaps i have some adresses for you (other than the regular shoe shops). It depends on your budget though… Rose Chocolat has really cute shoes, but they’re quite expensive… :(

    • I am in the US (MN to be exact)
      If the price matches the quality, I’m fine with that. (whether it’s for better quality or worse)

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