A Big Bang Theory: Fringes

I know less about hair than I do cosmetics but I’ll give this topic a stab.

There are many hairstyles popular with the lolita style, something as classic as a double braid or an elaborate Hime (Princess) style coif can add the crowning touch on a co-ordinate no matter how casual or dressy your outfit.

Ideally a hairstyle should suit, frame and flatter the shape of your face and there in lies the contentious issue of bangs or “fringes” – to cut or not to cut?

Some camwhoring – I’ve had this fringe for almost half my life

Some people find it hard to maintain fringes (I’m going to use the term – Fringe – a section of cropped hair on your forehead) due to the nature of their hair. How it parts, cowlicks, thickness or thinness of hair and curling which can be amended by using either a styling product like mousse or a hot straightening iron, my weapon of choice is the GHD styling Iron which is hands down the best styling tool I have ever used. (GHDs cost about $300 AUD and if you’re not careful you can give yourself a really gnarly 3rd degree burn but apart from that all my sisters, Mother and myself refuse to live without one). But you can maintain your fringe and achieve the same effect with blow drying, curlers and simply brushing your hair and using a little hairspray or product.

It is debated that lolita style and lolita hair accessories work best when you have a fringe but really it’s just an issue of creatively styling your hair to make your hairbows/hair adornment work to serve their purpose – to compliment your outfit and not look perched on your head in an awkward way. Bows work better than headdresses fro fringe-less styles and lets face it, nobody wears those anymore (brands hardly make them anymore) – and hair accessories are not obligatory, I know some girls who just keep their bows in their bags and only put them on for photographs. The Gothic and Lolita Bible has sections on Hair and beauty even publishes hair style (Gothic and Lolita Hair Bible) magazines highlighting different trends in hairstyles from the everyday to the experimental and theatrical.

If you choose to get one cut into your hair you can do it yourself but if you’re not confident go to a good salon and they’ll be able to do it properly. The most “traditional” fringe style is a solid blunt fringe that covers all of your forehead – keeping them that length depends if your hair grows fast or slow. My own hair grows rather quickly so every three weeks I find myself having to take off about a centimeter or so.

In the end having a fringe is not obligatory for wearing the lolita style and it’s up to you and your personal tastes if you want a fringe. With or without there are a lot of cute hairstyle options that look great with Lolita.


2 Responses to “A Big Bang Theory: Fringes”

  1. wAAoo! ur hair loos really nice lah! can you show how you did your hair?? ^*^ and that last hairstyle is cool as!

  2. ***hair looks really nice

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