Spotlight: Xelyna

Many years ago there was only one official Lolita in almost all of Australia. That was Jessica aka Xelyna who happened to also live in the same area as I did, we started talking and she turned into a good friend and someone who taught me a lot about Lolita before the resources we have today (such as English language Gothic and Lolita Bibles) were available.  It’s always fantastic when you befriend someone who has the same passion for Lolita as you do, I now have so many lolita friends but the first will always be Xelyna.

Xelyna is part of the moderating team on the largest Lolita community online egl via Live Journal Communities and for the past four years has been living and working in Japan though she has recently returned to Australia. She is something of a self taught designer and recently launched her own website Xelyna the Gothic Lolita from there you can access her fashion show photographs, up coming blog and personal collection of photos.

She has a real passion for VK music – popular and indie – Lolita and is an all round awesome dudette so check out her site:


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