Poupee Girl + Lolita: Two obsessions

If there’s one thing I follow fanatically it’s Poupee Girl (read my earlier post on the subject) especially when there are lolita items for sale for your doll. Within my local community most girls own an account and since we’re close friends we help each other out when we’re having wardrobe woes and co-ordinates confusions and it also helps when you want to swap/sell/lend items.

A new feature on PG is the Gift shop level on Katherine’s’ Shop which lets you send exclusive items to your friends or yourself.

This month has seen a second “Rainy Day” event which usually means new parasols, umbrellas, galoshes and other wet weather accessories. Currently is the “Sexy Ethnic” event which apart from one long red skirt I will skip this time around since June is the traditional “June Bride” event (Click here to view all previous event items) which – for people looking for Loli-able items for their doll – is a huge event.

June Bride is one of my favourite events because it means big ball gown style wedding dresses (some lovely, some gaudy bridezilla school of nightmares) and cute loli-able bridesmaid/flower girl dresses. Not to mention accessories like gloves, corsages, veils, bouquets and jewelry. So save your ribbons (or cheat and buy some)!

3 Responses to “Poupee Girl + Lolita: Two obsessions”

  1. One of these days I will be convinced to join the madness that is Poupee Girl… one of these days!

  2. girl dresses that are made of satin are very elegant and great looking ::

  3. bubble dress are very nice girl dresses and i always ask my girlfriend to wear one `,.

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