Candy Violet: Atelier Collection and New Items

Candy Violet is one of the first American lolita brands that has successfully been able to mass produce their clothing for the ready to wear market. Having seen some of CV’s items up close I can speak for their high quality and versatility, hopefully I will have some cash soon to purchase from Candy Violet myself!

Recently they have released several new dresses/skirts/shirts and accessories that are worth a look at but more interestingly I find is her one off Atelier Collection. Visions of Versailles is a series of three, one off dressed inspired by romantic portraits of the women that made the court of Versailles an institution such as Madame Pompadour, Princess Adelaide and of course Marie Antoinette.

Personally I think these dresses are bold and beautifully crafted and since they are one-off pieces no expense was spared. Texture is something not often seen in popular lolita, focusing more on prints on a ubiquitous JSK / OP series which is something of a shame since the dresses that inspired the style did not have prints and instead focused on delicate embroidery, textures, ruffles, drape and ultra rich fabrics. Angelic Pretty occasionally dabble in heavy textural dresses though the results get some mixed reviews – many vaccinating between – “What a hot mess” and “It’s a hot mess – I love it!”. Innocent World use some beautiful embroidery on their boarder trims and occasionally on the bodice which is interesting and refreshing. Candy Violet’s approach however is measured and insures the unique pieces can also work in a more versatile casual co-ordinate as well as elaborate statement outfits.

As far as stacking up against an established Japanese Brand Candy Violet is on par as far as quality and originality of ideas and expanding on concepts. For more information from the designer pick up the second edition of the English Gothic and Lolita bible which has an awesome interview.

Visit their website here:


2 Responses to “Candy Violet: Atelier Collection and New Items”

  1. I love their new designs! All seems to have a very good quality, specially the petticoats, I have a similar one and they are the best!

  2. I like Candy Violet’s designs but I don’t really like this particular dress. It seems too historical costumey for my taste. But oh well. :P

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