Por Homme: Boys Style and Mens Wear

People often ask various questions about men in lolita.

Can Men wear lolita?
Yes – some brands like Moi Meme Moitie have had men’s sized lines of their dresses.

Can Men FIT into lolita?
This depends. The average Japanese male measured against the average Western male there are differences in height and broadness of shoulders. Most items made as Lolita men’s wear are generally very small so it helps to be relatively thin – the same goes with most Japanese men’s wear.

Atelier Boz

Is there a masculine equivalent to Lolita?
Yes – what good is it frocking up like a princess when your prince is still in his Batman hoodie and jeans? There are different masculine styles for me, “Kodona” which is boyish, “Prince style” which is more formal and “Aristocrat” which is formal as well.

Can girls wear masculine styles?
Yes – a lot of people prefer Kodona/Prince styles to lolita as another facet of Lolita and or because they just don’t feel all that comfortable in Lolita.

Handmade Book

Can girls fit into masculine styles?
You’ll find that most brand shops Prince/Kodona style items are available in women’s sizes.

What brands Sell Prince/Kodona/Aristocrat?
Alice and the Pirates which is the sub-brand for Baby the Stars Shine Bright is the pinnacle of boys/Price/Aristo style with a bold pirate/military inspired edge. Innocent World often releases as softer Boys style lines which is a bit more refined in style – think a casual stroll in the English Countryside. Metamorphose occasionally do Prince style items and in traditional Meta style are a bit more edgy, punkish in influence and playful. Atelier Boz, H.Naoto specialize in men’s wear and have established men’s lines. Boz is more about drape of fabric where Naoto is more punk/goth/deconstructed.

Innocent WOrld

For the Plus Sized/Cheap
There are a lot of options for Kodona/Prince/Aristo for both men and women in commercial stores and especially some chain menswear stores, occasionally Goth boutiques as well as major designers and suit tailors.

So what IS Kodona/Prince/Ojii/Aritocrat and what should I look for when shopping via the Japanese brands and Locally? On this topic and what to look for I will expand on in he second part of this article since Mens/Masculine style dress requires it’s own primer on the dos and dont’s as large and as complex as any outline for basic Lolita fashion so look out for that in the coming days!



2 Responses to “Por Homme: Boys Style and Mens Wear”

  1. This was a very good q and a, and the photos are very lovely!

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