The EGL LJ Community Survival Guide

Suffer ye Community Old Foagies
For Summer hath but too long a date!

In the United States as well as several other places in the world it’s Holiday season and like any destination it brings the tourists and affords people the time to get into hobbies and other interests. EGL seems like the most popular hub for lookie lous, the genuinely interested and the truly mis-informed during these peak seasons.


So before you even think of posting on EGL understand this:
1. You’re excited, you want to be a part of it all but as community rules state there are to be NO INTRODUCTION posts. The community has thousands of members, the addition of YOU is not a significant event that merits heralding.

2. If you want to ask a question – for the love of all that is good – check the MEMORIES AND FAQ AND PROFILE. Using the search function on the Profile Page and then google, then people’s blogs, then the brand stores, then the non brand stores and if you cannot find the answer after a good long hard googling – then ask EGL. Because if you do not do your own attempt at research before hand and expect the members to do your own work for you is rude. But if it is a genuine and well worded question most people will only be too happy to help you.

3. Which brings me to how you ask a question on EGL do not:
Use any romanized / Romaji / Japanese phrases – not everyone can read Japanese and cutesy weeaboo phrases are immature and irritating.

Coloured text – especially if it’s too light to read against the default EGL background colours. You will be asked to reformat so it can be read easily and quickly.

Got a thousand blinking cute gifs? Save them for your profile pages.

Ending with posts with “PLEASE BE NICE TO ME” or “PLEASE DON’T EAT ME” grinds peoples gears, playing the victim or acting so frail that the big bad internet might hurt you doesn’t win you any points. Sometimes it’s like painting a target and inviting the cruel, the trolls and those who just don’t give a damn to assume that you are free game.

4. The Sweeping generalization – making blanket statements never goes down well. Lolita has a fantastic guide to debunking common misconceptions and myths surrounding Lolitas and Lolita fashion. [READ IT HERE BEFORE YOU POST ON EGL ATTEMPTING TO ASK ONE OF THESE QUESTIONS.] This guide exists because these topics have been touched upon in the community over and over again and while it is always healthy to provided fresh commentary on topics it tends to dissolve into less informed discourse and more into anecdotes, irrelevant and incorrect facts and everybody’s favourite – the Flame War.

In short – the overall aim of any EGL/Lolita community, especially one as large and popular as the EGL community on LJ or any forum on the subject exist to share images, discuss fashion, design, discourses, provide peer reviews, resources and relevant topics. They are not there to do your homework for you, make your life choices for you or to dictate how you live your life.

If you think it’s all sweetness and light then you underestimate it’s members. Do not be afraid to participate in any community but just firstly respect the rules (written and unwritten) and you won’t have any trouble (which is common sense).

6 Responses to “The EGL LJ Community Survival Guide”

  1. *clap clap*


  3. Hi! I gave you an award ^^

    It is a very complete guide!

  4. Love this post – BRAVO!

  5. rosecarnival Says:

    What can you possibly be saying? Do you mean that the EGL community won’t accept me and love me if I post stupid, repetitive questions asked in my own special language? What?

    Alright, enough of that. Good article. I hate to be making tl;dr posts, but I am part of the age group that swarms EGL in the summer, doing everything that annoys everyone. I don’t make posts like this, but sometimes I worry that no older lolitas will take me seriously becuase of my age/the age group that they associate me with.

    This should be on the EGL front page in big bold letters.

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