The Bling Theif: Remake Jewelery and the Lolita

People in the lolita community sometimes bemoan the cookie cutter look of everyone wearing the same dress (as cute as twinning is) and the general hegemony of the style into the Cult of Angelic Pretty – and the same also applies to jewelery. At one point there was a resin rose cabochon ring sold at Diva that my friend Cat referred to as “That Diva Ring” because everyone in our local lolita community owned that same ring. (Note to self: Start a cult, that ring could be like our Mason’s hand shake)

Recently I’ve started making jewelery (which is why I have been absent as of late) as a hobby and also selling some pieces which is always rewarding. Starting out I wanted to make some lolita friendly jewelery – or – things with motifs and materials that adhere to the lolita aesthetic (Seeing as I made items for sale specifically for the Lolita market and heck even non lolitas like it).

Handmade Pearl Bracelet

Pearl Bracelt made by Fappy

Of course I had some experience in the basics of jewelery making/beading but what I lacked at first is some supplies to get started. I had a look through my own jewelery collection and found I had a stack of broken jewelery, earrings without a partner and things well meaning relatives have given me but I just don’t wear. I piled together those existing resources and picked out what I could use, a pearl necklace I pulled apart for the pearls, some jewelery and beads findings I had bought but till now had no use for, old chains without pendants that could be re-used and if not, pulled apart for the clasps.

I went as far as asking my mother and sister to donate any old broken jewelery for my own nefarious purposes. As much as I dig cheap and new jewelery there’s nothing like recycling to make something unique that has the girls at the next Lolita meet gabbin’ about your mad skills with a pair of craft pliers. When you pull something apart you learn how things are put together and by fiddling around with the components you realize just how easy it is to make a pair of earrings or how to put together a cute and interesting charm bracelet. Pull apart things for the beads/pearls, un-twist the clasps, re-use chains and even dig around your toy collection. A cute and popular style of jewelery involves attaching ultra small resin figurines, doll house items and Japanese miniatures to bracelets, rings and earrings.

Handmade Memento Mori earrings

Handmade Memento Mori earrings

If you stick to experimenting with costume jewelery (and don’t take a pair of pliers to that heirloom gold bracelet) and then go down to your local bead/jewelery store (find the wholesale shops and online I can highly recommend Etsy [keywords: Supplies, findings, craft supplies, beads, pearls, charms, cute]) and buy what you need or restock supplies you’ve exhausted. Before that even ask your friends for any old bling you could use, your aunts, your friends and even go to second hand stores for things you can pull apart and re-use.

In the end, unique, one of a kind jewelery is a lot more interesting then anything the brands usually produce (be totally evil and pull apart your brand jewelery and make something different with it – people will go ape and think you own a unique brand bracelet/necklace and will go home and rake the entire internet looking for the same one XD). And by doing a little recycling you avoid creating waste which in jewelery supplies and retail I notice is incredibly wasteful at times with over packaging. So grab a pair of pliers and scissors and go mangle something!

See some things I’ve made here!

5 Responses to “The Bling Theif: Remake Jewelery and the Lolita”

  1. wAo! — those are gorgeous! ^-^

  2. have you noticed that japanese sweets jewelry maker ribbonholic often makes accessories that tie in with the latest angelic pretty print? like when the sugary carnival craze swept the Lolita world, ribbonholic released marshmellow and carnival themed pieces. but your handmade creations trump sweets jewelry any day

  3. The current recession has resulted in the price of metals such as gold to increase significantly. This is pushing some people to make extra money by selling their unused jewelry.

  4. pearl neckales are great gifts for women in their 30’s,’:

  5. last month i gave my girlfriend a pearl necklace and she was very very happy -,-

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