From Twitter 08-05-2009

  • 22:22:06: @stephenfry – *claps hands to face in shock and then dies laughing*
  • 22:23:33: Doll Part on WordPress is nearing it’s 50, 000th’ hit mark :D
  • 22:24:46: Snap – I just checked, 50,009! :D HORRAAY!
  • 22:26:42: More shifts at work = more money for lolita. (duh) but Mama needs a new dress, pref AP in black x pink.
  • 22:27:54: Oh god… realizes that Cult of AP is like Scientology only with less Xenu and more Frills. Will I succumb?
  • 22:31:34: What to wear tomorrow… hafta look presentable for the open day >__>

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One Response to “From Twitter 08-05-2009”

  1. rosecarnival Says:

    We will all eventually succumb to the overlords that are Maki and Asuka, creators of our most beloved and exalted Angelic Pretty. Let us bow down and surrender our wallets and all future pay checks.
    All right all right. Maybe I’ve taken the Cult o’ AP one step too far.
    But I am secretly hoping that the BTSSB San Fran opening will kick AP right off the lolita pedestal.

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