New People: The Great Lolita Dream Come True

For years and years and years the greater American population of Lolitas has been lamenting the lack of Japanese Lolita Brand retail in America. Some doubters said it would never happen and even the most hopeful amongst them speculated it would take many years for such an operation to be viable.

Slowly but surely we’ve seen the main three Lolita fashion houses (Metamorphose, Baby, The Stars Shine Bright and Angelic Pretty) open there internet based stores open doors to International customer. Now you can access almost every major Sweet, Classic and Gothic Lolita brand online without having to use a shopping service.

New People is a vibrant new retail center based in San Francisco, California that showcases the most popular products, brands and products from Japan. Two of those retail stores are BTSSB, Black Peace Now (also there is 6%Dokidoki). The opening was quite a sensation, food, promotions, games, live music and a mass gathering of hundreds of Lolitas and Japanese fashion fans converged from all over the United States.

As far as the West Coast is concerned the American Lolita Dream has come true – especially for fans of Baby and BPN – so like their international internet expansion – will this mean Angelic Pretty sets up a rival East Coast store? Will this be like the Rap Battles of the 1990’s with Angelic Pretty being the Notorious B.I.G of this tale and Baby the Tu Pac? Will these ventures last? Obviously these projects were not taken into lightly by the Brands but in wobbly economic times we all clutch our Bunny Bear Bags and keep our fingers crossed that more Lolita brands come to America and maybe even further abroad.


2 Responses to “New People: The Great Lolita Dream Come True”

  1. There is an east coast store: Tokyo Rebel NYC

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