A brief Return and Lolita on the MOVE!

Woops. I know. I Know I SUCKKKKKK! But as of late I have been extremely busy finishing my second year of University. I have been making a lot of jewelery and learning some new sewing projects (Here’s to making my own bloomers from now on!).

I say that my return to blogging will be brief because in less than a week’s time I will be in El Salvador until December and in San Antonio Texas for most of January. When I get net access I will try and update on traveling to Central America and what a Lolita should know.

It turns out that Lolita are like owls, found on every continent on earth save for Antarctica. I had a look for the possibility of their being any Lolitas in El Salvador (Central America’s smallest but most densely populated countries) and lo I found some! When traveling and if you do want to meet up with other lolitas it’s good to just ask communities like egl on livejournal to see if separate forums or communities exist.

The only problem with travel to El Salvador is that you must be very careful how you dress even in normal people boring clothes. Nothing too flashy or expensive looking though nothing that makes you look like a mutton headed backpacker because it makes you a soft target for criminals or potential kidnap and ransom victims. Finding the local Lolita community to hang with is a good safety tip but if your not sure always have your travel buddies/family close by. Save your AP OTT neon icing dresses for home and opt for casual lolita, country and classic as it will attract LESS attention (lolita is intrinsically attention grabbing). Sensible shoes are a must so leave the 6 inch Mana platforms at home, opt for smaller hair bows and veto the jewelery if you can because nothing says tourist and pickpocket bait much like accessories.

A part of me is sad about traveling there because I love accessories and will have to wear dull “comfortable” clothing out of necessity though as soon as I get to the US I will have more opportunity.

Before I do leave I will update a few more times with some posts I have been thinking on expanding on for a while now. Mainly on the subject of ERO Lolita and doing it right for both ladies and the fellas and an upcoming documentary series by my friend on the subject of Lolitas and the growing Lolita subculture in Australia.


One Response to “A brief Return and Lolita on the MOVE!”

  1. Delphinikins Says:

    Safe journey, I look forward to reading your thoughts on Ero Loli. :)

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